Profile for Joel Butler MW

Member Since:June 24, 2000
Wine Experience:Expert
I Work in The Wine Industry:Yes
Occupation:Nat'l Mgr. Education: BV
Favorite Restaurants:Gary Danko, I Trulli, etc.
Favorite Hotels:Park Hyatt SF, Four Seasons, NYC, Boston Harbor
Homepage URL:Joel

About Joel Butler MW:

First US Master of Wine (MW-1990) With BV for over 2 years, before that as buyer/manager for Wine Merchant/Restaurant, and before that various retail stores (Buyer).Judge at IWC London, SF Int'l, Sonoma, San Diego, Cal State Fair, County,Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Shows (AUS), and many others. Have written on wine for over 23 years, including Tanzer, LA Times, Contra Costa Times, Vintage, Friends of Wine etc. And work actively on behalf of US MW Education program, while making wine on the side!
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