2006 Chateau Revelette Coteaux d'Aix Blanc

Chateau Revelette Coteaux d'Aix Blanc

Peter Fischer caught the wine bug young. Born in Germany, he spent his formative years in California and studied enology at UC-Davis before moving to Provence to work with local legend Emmanuel Gaujal. When Peter struck out on his own, he looked at dozens of properties before he discovered the perfectly situated Chateau Revelette.

Fischer once explained that he'd gotten into winemaking because he thought it would be a great way to make friendships and meet new people. Though often described as a visionary, he must be something of a prophet: ten years after the his family purchased Chateau Revelette, Fischer met his future bride--the daughter of the domaine's previous proprietors!


Today, Chateau Revelette is one of the jewels of Provence. Located near the quaint town of Jouques, this is the arriere-pays of romance novels and Hollywood films. Sunny days are whiled away on park benches, villagers gather for games of Petanque, and meals are boisterous, crowded events around thick-planked farmhouse tables.

Wines such as this maison blanc are mainstays at such gatherings. It is so fresh and clean and aromatic that bottles can be consumed with regularity throughout the summer. However, Chateau Revelette Blanc is sneaky complex. A honey and citrus lift leads to an explosion of minerality and stone fruits in the middle palate.

Fischer is an experimenter. In fact, many of his "estate" wines (like this one) are made in a new cuverie shaped like an egg! (pictured). The theory goes that wine benefits greatly during fermentation from micro-oxygenation--the introduction of oxygen in miniscule amounts. The egg shape of the fermentor allows this because it is theorized that the wine is in constant motion due to the round-shaped bottom. The technique helps "loosen up" younger wines and make them more approachable and fresh in their youth, when most consumers wish to drink them!

Suggested Food Pairing:
Try this wine right away with a traditional Provencal meal of a tuna nicoise salad with green olives, or some fresh sheep's milk cheeses.