2006 Renard Rose California

Renard Rose California

After an early exposure to winemaking in the southern Rhone Valley as a teenager, Bayard Fox spent a number of post-collegiate years as a carpenter. His experience working with wood prepared him for his "day job" as a rep for a French cooperage firm, but it also laid the foundation for Bayard's winemaking philosophy. Eventually, he saw the two crafts as analogous: "With carpentry, there is both aesthetics and practicality. You need to make a space that's livable and attractive, and the same concept applies to wine. The aesthetic appeal is the aroma and flavor, but you also need texture, length of palate, and balance to compel you to finish the bottle. There has to be an 'inside' once you open the door."

Bayard Fox

In a bottle of his Rose we can see Bayard's philosophy come to life. Sure, it's pink wine, but that doesn't make it any less "real" than his buxom Syrahs or his aromatic Viogniers. In fact, this bottle is such a magnificent table setter that our hedge is that it will firmly plant Fox's style on your palate.

Bayard's 2006 Rose is a slight departure from the past. He purchased a few tons of Grenache with the specific intent of making Rose, so it has more strawberry aspects as well as the bright acidity that is part of Grenache. A little Syrah is blended in along with the requisite Viognier to give the wine "prettiness."

Bayard comments: "This is an imminently quaffable wine that your mother would probably not drink if she likes white Zin. Here is a true confession: I was a closet pink wine drinker for many years but I discovered I have many friends (especially winemakers) who love to drink the stuff and are not afraid to declare it. As the summer heat bears down, save yourself from the big tannic monster Cabernet and get in touch with your hedonistic side--chill a pink wine and confess to all your friends, 'Yes I drink Rose and I am proud of it!'"

Drink now.

Suggested Food Pairing:
How about a picnic some upcoming weekend with a nice selection of cured meats, pate, mixed olives, soft cheeses and a crusty baguette? It's a meal that will do this wine proud.