2006 Dutton-Goldfield Pinot Noir Dutton Ranch Russian River Valley

Dutton-Goldfield Pinot Noir Dutton Ranch Russian River Valley

Dutton Ranch is a sprawling 1,100-acre holding largely situated in Sonoma’s Russian Valley. One need only consider the magnificent wines of Kistler, Patz and Hall, and Dutton Goldfield to appreciate the superb quality of Dutton Ranch grapes. The Dutton family treats each of their dozens of vineyards with individualized care that reflects the unique character of each parcel.

What makes the Russian River Valley so unique is the daily interplay between coastal fog and the valley air that is baked by the afternoon sun. Evening in the Russian River Valley brings fog, chilled by the cold Pacific Ocean off the Sonoma Coast. The fog rolls up through the valley, keeping temperatures low overnight. The morning sun warms up the valley air, causing it to expand and push the fog back out to sea. The afternoon heat promotes increased sugar levels, while the cooler evening keeps acid levels high.

Dutton Ranch This delicate balance provides the necessary ingredients for the production of balanced and complex wines. When taken in concert with the wide array of vineyards available at Dutton Ranch, complexity can reach new heights. No one is more tuned in to this principle than Dan Goldfield, winemaker and partner to the Dutton family in Dutton-Goldfield. The partnership allows Goldfield to hand select parcels from the entire ranch for Dutton-Goldfield bottlings. Goldfield's own winemaking predilection is geared towards pure, highly focused wines that age as well as any Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in the Russian River Valley.

This estate-bottled Pinot Noir is drawn off of a number of Dutton Ranch vineyards. The Freestone Hill parcel offers big, fairly supple, lower acid Pinot. The Sanchetti and Gallante vineyards are east-facing and provide tannic backbone and big, rich flavors. Manzana is a cooler locale, with fruit that is explosive aromatically, full of ripe, bing cherries. The delicate marriage of these varied sources has created a wine that is deep in color, fabulously aromatic, full of ripe cherry and red fruit flavors and aromas. Again, drink this beautiful Pinot now for its freshness and aromatic intensity or age for up to 7 years in a cool cellar.

Pair with Grilled Venison or Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna.