2007 Mas Amiel Cotes du Roussillon Le Plaisir Rose

Mas Amiel Cotes du Roussillon Le Plaisir Rose

The current success of the historic estate Mas Amiel is largely due to the genius and commitment of Olivier Decelle, a French food mogul who reinvented himself as one of France's leading independent producers. Decelle is known for successfully reversing the fortune of priceless estates that have fallen into disrepair--Chateau Jean Faure in St. Emilion and Haut-Ballet in Canon Fronsac--but the story begins at Mas Amiel, his first experiment.

Fittingly, Mas Amiel originated thanks to a reversal of fortune. In 1816, Raymond Amiel sat down to a game of cards among friends. A few hours later, he left with the deeds to the property he'd just won from the Bishop of Perignan--no divine intervention on this night--and Mas Amiel was born. For more than a century, it was regarded as Maury's finest estate.

Mas Amiel
Mas Amiel

In 1997, when Olivier Decelle purchased Mas Amiel, the estate enjoyed an international reputation for their fine port-like Maury, but the dry still wines left much to be desired. Decelle, determined to make top shelf reds, whites and roses, immediately begin investing in the schiste-soil vines, many of which are over a century old. Quickly realizing that the high temperatures in the vineyards during harvest required a winemaking facility that could quickly chill the incoming grapes, Decelle dropped a bundle on a spanking new winery facility -- a sort of giant purple ice box set on the wind swept terrain.

The Mas Amiel Le Plaisir Rose 2007 is made from schiste soil Grenache. While 2007 brought calamity to Bordeaux, the Roussillon enjoyed an excellent growing season, the fruit of which is quite apparent in the aromatic, vibrant rosé.

Enjoy the 2007 Le Plaisir Rose as an aperitif or white wine substitute. Pair it with a wild mushroom risotto sprinkled with Parmigiano-Reggiano.