2007 Peter Jakob Kuhn Riesling Graziosa Feinherb

Peter Jakob Kuhn Riesling Graziosa Feinherb

Peter Jakob Kuhn may be the eleventh generation of winemakers from the Kuhn family, but that doesn't mean he's resistant to change. The Kuhn winery was founded in 1786 by Jacobus Kuhn and currently consists of 15 hectares of rolling hillsides in the Rhiengau. Peter's recent move to organic farming, with the inclusion of certain biodynamic methods, isn't necessarily a departure from tradition, because Jacobus certainly wasn't relying on chemical fertilizers when he established the vineyards at the end of the nineteenth century.

The Rheingau, a 30-kilometer long stretch of southerly exposed vineyards along the Rhine River, just west of Mainz, has been a center of wine production since Roman times. By this measure, the Kuhns are the new kids on the block. But over two centuries of winemaking has provided more than enough time to build a legacy of their own. And one demonstration of this legacy is the Kuhn's membership in the VDP, the exclusive organization of the top 200 producers in Germany, who share a dedication to exemplary production of Germany's indigenous varieties.

Peter Jakob Kuhn vineyards
Peter Jakob Kuhn vineyards
Feinherb, a category akin to Halbtrocken, denotes that a wine is off-dry, or partly sweet. And the Kuhn Riesling "Graziosa" Feinherb delivers on this promise, providing a slight amount of residual sugar balanced with intense lime oil, dry spice, and mineral flavors. This particular bottling is made with fruit from all three of Peter's holdings in the Rheingau: Lenchen, Doosberg, and Oestrich.

Try this wine with Thai food-- the slight sweetness of the wine is optimal for offsetting the spiciness and tang that you'll find both in curries and Thai salad dishes.