2006 Chateau de Lastours Corbieres Arnaud de Berre

Chateau de Lastours Corbieres Arnaud de Berre

Driving on the old road between Narbonne and Spain, we came upon Chateau de Lastours. Lastours' hillside vineyards are planted on rocky limestone and clay soil. The highly mineral soil, coupled with the fresh, cleansing breezes off the Mediterranean, gives birth to wines that took us by surprise. Many wines of Corbieres are heavy and over-extracted. Others are just too tannic for our taste.

Chateau de Lastours
Chateau de Lastours
At Lastours, we discovered the delicious "Cuvee Arnaud de Berre," a wine that somehow married the bright, fresh red berry flavors of mature Carignan, Syrah and Grenache with a wonderful vibrant finish. When we told the regisseur how surprised we were by the brightness and elegance of this special bottling, he smiled and just said "the 2006 was perfect, a wine that really made itself. It's what we call a vin digeste."

The 2006 "Cuvee Arnaud de Berre" is an utterly gulpable red fruity beauty, with the fine mineral structure representative of the new gastronomic wave in France. The wine shows bright, vibrant aromas of red fruits with a tinge of herbes de Provence. Expect medium-bodied, delicious red fruit flavors, with fine persistence. The finish is bright, alongside that fine minerality.

Pair this wine with braised duck legs, or slow-cooked beef. It will also go perfectly with firm or hard cheeses.