2009 Chateau Turcaud Entre Deux Mers Blanc

Chateau Turcaud Entre Deux Mers Blanc

Proprietor Maurice Robert, the king of this Right Bank appellation, developed a fascination for wine when he was just 25 years old. At the time he was selling farm tractors for McCormick, the large agricultural machinery company. He was introduced to a wealthy landowner, not far from Libourne, southeast of Bordeaux. Charmed by the young Robert, the landowner encouraged Robert to accept a job developing the estate.

There were 150 acres of vines, apples, and grain. Robert learned quickly, but it soon became clear that the job, while fascinating, wouldn't support his family. So at age 31, Maurice accepted a second position, this time in the Bordeaux commune of Cadillac. His success there brought him to the attention of the large negociant, Lurton, who offered him a third job, this time to manage all the vineyards in the firm's holdings.

It was while working for Lurton that the still young Robert came across an old, rundown estate called Chateau Turcaud with 40 acres of vineyards. He purchased the property in 1973 and never looked back.

Ettore Germano vineyards
Chateau Turcaud
Pair this vibrant white with salads, grilled fish or sole meuniere. Also excellent with simple, fresh goat cheese.

Tasting Notes
"While Chateau Turcaud's reds are well made, it's Robert's whites that have brought him broad-based recognition. The 2009 Chateau Turcaud Entre-Deux-Mers is particularly lively on the nose, with unusual richness for the appellation. While the warm 2009 vintage accounts for the ripe fruit flavors, Robert's deft hand with the Sauvignon and Semillon still provides for fine, crisp acidity."
--WineAccess Travel Log