Why we're different

Handcrafted wines from small estates

Fine wines tell the story of their origins as interpreted by their winemakers. The best come from skilled artisans who understand and cherish the unique character of their vineyards, their climate and each individual growing season. That's why the vast majority of our wine club selections are from small estates where the wines are handcrafted from vine to bottle.

Our wine experts spend a lot of time on the ground, visiting wineries, meeting winemakers, and, of course, tasting the wines. We typically select very limited, hard-to-find, tightly allocated product, giving you access to superb wine that you won't find in most stores.

By contrast, most wine clubs are in the business of selling you "overstock" or "distressed product"--in other words, wine that won't sell elsewhere. No wonder the selections in traditional wine clubs are often disappointing.

There is no one style of wine we target. But it's fair to say that we most like structured wine (best with food) that is still rich and concentrated. Such wines drink well when young, but reward a little patience with the added refinement that comes with age.

Superior customer service

When you join WineAccess Monthly, you receive highly personalized customer service that is second to none online. Our club members expect nothing less. We respond to your questions, special delivery requests--whatever you need. Even if you just want to "talk wine" with someone, we are standing by.

Cancel anytime, no questions asked

We know from experience that our wine selections are popular with club members. But if for any reason we're not meeting your needs, you can always cancel at anytime with just a simple email. No obstacles, no gimmicks.

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We hope you'll join us!

I look forward to discovering the unknown gems in each month's shipment.
It's wonderful to find a wine club that cares as much as I do about the temperatures wine is subjected to during shipping. I appreciate knowing my wine will always arrive in excellent condition.
I really appreciate the timely and personal customer service.