2011 Baker Lane Vineyards Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast Cuvee Sonoma Coast
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Baker Lane Vineyards and 4.07 out of 5 stars!
Member Reviews:

A great reprise of our first WineAccess purchase
Enjoyed this vintage as much as the first.
-- John from Knoxville, TN

We were skeptical and ordered 6 bottles, thinking we'd give the rest as gifts if we didn't like them. Probably should have gotten a case because this is the real deal. Very well structured, adult wine.
--Larry from Pacific Palisades, CA

I'm not a big cheap Pinot drinker. I find it awful and jammy. Not this. My husband ordered a few bottles. Fresh, tight, good acidity. Totally palatable, easy drinking, light in the right way, should pair well with pretty much anything. Sophisticated for the price.
-- Jessica from Bellevue, WA

No More Naysayers at the End of Baker Lane

When Stephen Singer first eyeballed the property, he knew it would be a gamble. But the guy who was weaned on Burgundy in late night taste-a-thons with pioneer importer Kermit Lynch, wasn't much for playing it safe. Singer plunked down a small fortune on 15 breathtaking Sonoma Coast acres, a couple miles from the mouth of the chilly Petaluma Wind Gap. He'd plant just six of them to vines.

Most who saw what Singer was up to thought he'd bitten off more than he could chew. Even if Singer managed to nurse Pinot Noir to ripeness on one of the coldest spots on the coast, they reasoned, yields would be tiny. The numbers would never add up. Most of the naysayers changed their tune over the next decade as Baker Lane put out a series of high-scoring Pinot Noir. Any who remained skeptical before the harvest of 2011, would think otherwise after.

The spring of 2011 was unusually cold. The vines got off to very slow start. Eight-tenths of a mile down Baker Lane, budbreak would be the latest since Singer first planted his Pinot Noir. When the rain came in early June, every grower who sold by the ton and not by the acre was caught in the crosshairs. If they chose to drop crop, they'd take it on the chin. But if not, with maturity already far behind, they openly wondered if sugar levels would reach the baseline numbers required to validate contracts.

Most spent a week or two making up their minds. As to Singer, he did as he always does. He and viticulturist Greg Adams gave the Baker Lane Pinot Noir plants a series of red ink haircuts.

"I can't tell you how many times we dropped crop," Stephen told us over a glass of this deep ruby, gorgeously floral 2011. "A half-dozen times? By the time September rolled around, we knew every cluster on every plant. The truth is," Stephen lamented, "that's not saying much, as there was so little to pick come harvest. But, honestly, given the small berry concentration of the clusters that made it to the crusher, we've never been more proud of a Baker Lane Pinot Noir."

The brilliant 2011 Baker Lane Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is bright ruby to the edge. Absolutely explosive on the nose, infused with wild cherries and floral crushed red fruits, laced with sweet coastal herbs. The attack is lush and juicy, marry the fine concentration of Sonoma Coast with almost Volnay-like sophistication and elegance. The finish is textbook Baker Lane -- vibrant, sensuous and flashy.

Tasting Notes

2011 Baker Lane Vineyards Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast Cuvee Sonoma Coast
"Brilliant ruby to the edge. Gorgeously floral nose, infused with wild cherries and raspberries, laced with sweet coastal herbs. Rich, juicy and vibrant on the attack, marrying sweet New World red fruit opulence with almost Volnay-like high tones -- all bracketed by the mouthwatering vibrancy that's become the signature flourish of Baker Lane. Drink now for its primary fruit concentration, but don't hesitate to lay a few bottles down. This one has the stuffing to argue for a 3-5 year slumber."
-- WineAccess Travel Log

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