2009 Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon East Side Cuvee
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Winemaker Chad Alexander and 3.98 stars out of 5!
2009 Member Reviews:

This was the second bottle of wine opened for Christmas dinner served with big, thick tenderloin steaks and a red wine sauce. I've forgotten what the first one was but it did come from WA. But this wine blew me us away. For me there was a big hit of Napa tar, like a Howell Mtn. wine. But where some of those are so tannic they never come around this one mastered the task. Delicious!
-- Ted from Eugene, OR

Yes please
As with the 2007 (one of my go to 'drinking' -- rather than sipping - Cabs) give this one two or three years in the cellar… by then it may well surpass the 07 judging from its relative (youthful) smoothness. I say drinking Cab because these are less about complexity of flavor than texture and balance. Rich yet utterly quaffable, I wouldn't usually call a Cab thirst quenching, but am tempted to do so here.
-- Julius from Chester Springs, PA

This is our house Cab
We buy this one every year and serve it whenever we have guests. Blows them away every time. Then we tell them the price.
-- Jason from Pawtucket, RI

Bright Lights, Big City

At first, he was just sheepish. Had he gone no further, we wouldn't have laid it on so thickly. But when Chad Alexander turned apologetic, acknowledging that he'd become a bit too enamored of the bright lights and the big city, we couldn't hold back. The wound was still open, the scarring not yet complete, so we waited until the brilliant young winemaker ran out of 'Sorrys.' Then we got our teeth into his right calf and didn't let go until he said uncle.

We first met Alexander while in the company of Steve Hill, the vineyard manager who's been ruling the roost at Durrell for over three decades. Those who know Hill recognize him as one of the more understated growers in the valley. So when Steve sang Alexander's praises, describing him as one of Napa's up and coming Cabernet stars, we took careful note. It didn't take long to learn that Hill's depiction was right on the mark.

The following year, Alexander teased us with small salvos of his Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignons, one a voluptuous, full throttle effort off three nosebleed acres on Mount Veeder, the other a spectacular Howell Mountain powerhouse, drawn from a half dozen manicured rows a stone's throw from Cimarossa. But if those 8 to 10-barrel lots were Alexander's most talked about calling cards, it would be another blend that would bring our online house down. Chad's "East Side Cuvee" was deep, rich and masterfully structured, a sleek, blackberry and wild blueberry infused knockout that would soon take Manhattan by storm.

Drawn largely from a small plot set in the eastern foothills on the southern border of the Stags Leap line, Carl Roy "East Side Cuvee" has garnered an incredible 276 perfect 5-star buyer ratings and an aggregate score of 3.94 stars out of five (check out the histogram to the right). In spring 2011, our story about the newly released 2008 struck a perfect chord. Three hundred cases (half the production) disappeared on a far too quick Tuesday morning, giving to an avalanche of dizzying ratings. Dozens emailed member services for more. Kate and Whitney played it close to the vest, teasing buyers with hopeful promises -- even if they already knew we were already locked and loaded for Redux. Or so we thought!

Our wakeup call came three months later, after a half dozen emails to Alexander had been left unanswered. We were being treated to lunch at Jean-Georges at #1 Central Park West when the sommelier handed off the wine list. Our intent was to head right to Chef Vongerichten's roots -- to the Alsace section. But on our way to Zind-Humbrecht in Turkheim, our eyes passed over Napa. At the top of page, front and center -- MOCKING US -- was a feature placement for OUR Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon "East Side Cuvee." Offered for 3x our offer price, we quickly intuited why our emails had gone unnoticed, and just as quickly felt our Redux offer slipping away.

The 2009 Carl Roy "East Side Cuvee" would be the finest to date. Alexander conceded that the small yields on this manicured patch, harvested on October 4, a week before the rain began, offered up a kind of silken richness and satin-like opulence not attributable to the previous vintage. Deep purple/black in color, gorgeously infused with blackberry and boysenberry preserves, laced with violets and blue chip anise, the sleek, silken texture is marvelously cut by firm, sumptuous Stags Leap tannins. Again, the "East Side Cuvee" offer went off like a rocket ship. But unlike the year before, this time we left nothing for granted, inking today's agreement 12 months in advance.

Tasting Notes

2009 Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon East Side Cuvee
"Deep purple/black to the edge gorgeously infused with blackberry, violets, and new wood cedar. Rich and powerful on the attack, packed with boysenberry preserves, the texture is dense, sleek and silken -- the finish Stags Leap sumptuous and vibrant. Drink now for its primary fruit youthfulness or age 5-7 years in a cool cellar."
-- WineAccess Travel Log

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