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Polo Brindisi

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Posted on Jan 09,2005 by Duncan11355085

Hi there. First of all, I don't know anything at all about wine. I found in the back of my cabinet a bottle of Polo Brindisi Bianco, "Premium California White Wine." On the label it says "vinted & bottled by Brindisi Cellars, Modesto, CA. It is 750ml and dated 1984 and is unopened. I thought about opening it and using it for cooking, but just in case it is perhaps not good anymore or worth more than a few dollars, I thought I should ask about the value. No results came up for internet searches on yahoo or google, so I gathered that it is either really cheap (more than likely) or really rare. If anyone knows anything at all, the info would be greatly appreciated.


Posted on Jan 09,2005 by GUMBY

not worth anything, California whites do not age well. I would say that it was past its prime in 1983.

Posted on Jan 10,2005 by gambetti

sorry to agree, but it should be a nice addition to your cooking supplies. I don't think this wine was anything extraordinary to begin with, but FYI Reed is right. Even expensive Californian white wines don't stand the test of time well. Sometimes you'll see them being dumped at auction very cheaply, but most of them are practically worthless.

Posted on Jan 10,2005 by Mr. Shiraz

Duncan: at the time of it's release, your wine cost $2.79. It's history. And please DO NOT cook ANYTHING with that wine. The biggest mistake people make is saying, "well it doesn't taste very good so I'll cook with it."

Cooking with bad wine will make the food taste bad. Period.

Posted on Jan 10,2005 by GUMBY

Yeah, If you would not put it into your mouth to drink it why would you put it into your mouth to eat it.

Posted on Jan 10,2005 by RAF

It is a Gallo product that was pretty bad when it was first made,...

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