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NV Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red

Winery: Rene Barbier
Style: Red Wine
Varietal: Red Blend
Region: Other Spain
Size: 750 ml
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SKU# 7614

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User Reviews

5.0 of 5 Stars A Nice Everyday Wine
By ,
This is a very nice, mild, everyday wine. I was pleasantly suprised and will buy it againe.
4.0 of 5 Stars Pleasantly Surprised
By ,
my friend brought this to a party and I thought it was OK. Bought it to test properly with a clean palate and I was surprised. Better than most $6 bottles. Smooth full bodied wine.
4.0 of 5 Stars Our House Wine
By ,
Years ago my wife and I were shopping for a red. The salesman told us not to be put off by the low cost. The tanins and peppery finish of this wine makes it our favorite table red. We have been purchasing this wine for over 10 years and see the low price as a serendipitous bonus.
3.0 of 5 Stars 3.5 stars
By ,
I was surprised to find this wine costs less than $10 - it was a gift. A French wine with a comparable price tag would be undrinkable. I'd purchase it myself.
2.0 of 5 Stars Not Very Good!
By ,
Not awful, but not good.

User Ratings

3.0 of 5 Stars Average rating: 3.17(6 ratings)