2011 Jermann Pinot Grigio Venezia-Giulia
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Silvio Jermann and The Dithered Keyboard on our Macbook Air Silvio Jermann Pinot Grigio (finally!) … and a Dithered Keyboard on our Macbook Air

Over the last 23 months, we've published 727 stories comprising over 595,000 words. The A,S, D, N and M keys on our Mac AirBook have dithered and blurred. Still, not once over the last two years have we written a word about Pinot Grigio. Until today.

In the late 1970s, the most celebrated Italian importer of the last forty years, New Zealander Neil Empson, discovered a maverick winegrower in the sandstone soils of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. A young Silvio Jermann had already turned sommelier heads from Milano to Roma, crafting a small lineup of riveting whites -- rich, juicy, tightly wound gems that would stand tall next to the greats of Alsace and Burgundy. Just two years later, Empson imported his first cases from Silvio Jermann. It wouldn't take long for the importer to understand the magnitude of his discovery.

We still remember the fanfare in the late 70s when Silvio's first bottles of "Tunina" -- a mercurial blend of a half dozen Collio varieties centered around a spicy core of luscious Pinot Grigio -- hit New York. A half dozen restaurants fought over a few dozen cases. Silvio Jermann would soon take Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago and South Beach by storm.

While production has grown, and Michele Jermann now joins his father at the helm of Italy's greatest white wine estate, little has changed commercially for Mr. Empson. Demand for Jermann whites continues to far outdistance supply. But even as Tunina continues to be Silvio's top calling card, Jermann's exquisite Pinot Grigio remains the go-to Italian white for the likes of Marea, Babbo, and Felidia in NYC, Spiaggia in the Windy City and Valentino in Hollywood.

With the release of this 2011 -- one of the few Italian whites that continues to turn heads from Meursault and Turckheim -- again, Silvio Jermann showed why.

The 2011 Jermann Pinot Grigio is pale golden in color. The nose is rich, piercing, featuring ripe apple, pear and ethereal white flowers. The attack suggests sweetness (even if the wine is analytically dry!), combining plump apple/peach juiciness, with piercing minerality. The finish is signature Jermann -- firm, fresh and vibrant, a riveting interpretation of the sandstone soils of Collio.

It's taken two years, over seven hundred stories and some six hundred thousand words, to type "Pinot Grigio." But as the sommeliers from Marea, Babbo, Felidia or Valentino will be first to tell you, this is the one Pinot Grigio that justifies further blurring of keys on our MacBook Air.

Tasting Notes

2011 Jermann Pinot Grigio Venezia-Giulia
"Pale golden in color, the nose is rich and piercing, an electrifying mix of apple, pear and white flowers. The attack suggests sweetness (even if the wine is analytically dry!), combining just enough plump apple/peach juiciness, with spicy, tightly wound minerality. The finish is signature Silvio Jermann -- firm, fresh and vibrant, a chiseled take on Collio sandstone."
-- WineAccess Travel Log

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