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Seeking Long Neck Chianti bottles

Original Post

Posted on May 02,2005 by Place11514368

I have searched the internet several times to no avail and would like to find info on long neck chianti bottles and perhaps to purchase also. Does anyone know of a resource or any for sale?

Thank you!



Posted on May 08,2005 by muscat10061326

Try a yard sale. those old long necks are passe, no longer made

Posted on May 08,2005 by bluetoo

wrong. they are still made. I'm not planning another trip to sams club for a another few years,and I'm not making a special trip to find the producer.

Posted on May 08,2005 by Place11514368

are you trying to say sams club sells long neck chianti bottles??????????????????

Posted on May 09,2005 by bluetoo

I was in 2 years ago, and they had a big stack. Thats all I know. Maybe they are no longer made.

Posted on May 09,2005 by Place11514368

I don't think we are talking about the same type of bottle. Round at the base (some flat bottom, some not), some with wicker basket, some specific designs like a snake, person etc., neck reaches to about 36 to 45 inches (or more). They stopped making them in the 70's and most came from Tuscany.

I'm sorry but it sounds odd that sams club would carry them.

There is so much info on the net about collectible decanters, bottles in general and wine bottles, but nothing on these and to me they were quite unique compared to everything else.

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