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2010 Domaine Vincent Ricard Le Bouc Touraine Sauvignon

Winery: Domaine Vincent Ricard
Style: White Wine
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Loire

Food Pairing:Light dishes like salads and flounder

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Domaine Vincent Ricard Le Bouc Touraine Sauvignon

Expert Ratings

: 89 points

Expert Reviews

Subtle aromas of lemon peel, pepper and spices. Juicy, bright and tangy but not at all hard, with enticing citrus and apple flavors supported by a stony underpinning. Finishes with surprising length for its category. This very dry, brisk, thoroughly enticing wine is a real essence of summer: I could drink it by the bucketload.

User Reviews

5.0 of 5 Stars
By ,
Usually serve whites chilled, but opened it up room temp and was beyond surprised by how delicious. Dry with granny smith apple flavor, but not over the top sweet. Chilled it tightens up. Very nice!
4.0 of 5 Stars Great Buy
By ,
I think Glazier13876668 and Miller14130346 are right on the money. Bought a case and am glad I did.
4.0 of 5 Stars Underrated
By ,
This wine is great value for the money if you appreciate a terrior driven sauvignon blanc. Fine example from a consistent producer that offers great balance of fruit, acidity and minerality.
4.0 of 5 Stars what average should be
By ,
A delightful wine, exactly as described. While I can't say it's the drop dead best S B I have ever tasted it is my go-to style because it's light, crisp, not too much alcohol or grassiness, bright fruit and wonderfull Loire Valley signature.
4.0 of 5 Stars Another great bang for buck product
By ,
This was really quite nice. Not the most complex wine, but really wonderful nose and acid and better than more expensive Sancerre's I've recently purchased.
4.0 of 5 Stars Lives up to marketing
By ,
This wine is certainly better than the last bottle of $30 Sancerre we had. Delightful for a weeknight.
4.0 of 5 Stars French Sauvignon
By ,
Very dry up front but not very complex -- after the dry, acid forwardness finish fades quickly
3.0 of 5 Stars Youthful energy
By ,
Exposure to Les Trois Chenes turned us on to the qualities of Domaine Ricard, so it was nice to sample another offering. This one is very young and fresh and vibrant, with a slightly sherbet-y nose, brimming with citrus grapefruit attack on the palate, texture provided by typical chalky minerality, clean and bright, rarely finding equivalents in the New World.
1.0 of 5 Stars The One that should not have been!
By ,
I called customer service who are great! This case was the only disapointment I have experienced at wine access. I was requested to try another bottle to see if it was just the one but the first experience was very flat without any character. Very lite, not dry like a Sancerre and seemed as if it was open for a day hence flat

User Ratings

3.5 of 5 Stars Average rating: 3.65(181 ratings)