2010 Three 100-Year-Old Vine Sampler 12-Pack
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3.85 out of 5 stars!
Member Reviews:

***** 2010 Old Vines Field Blend
This wine was no surprise. Matt Cline's wines are consistently the best values around, and this was no exception. Big, fruity, complex, and delicious. I bought a lot of it. I have followed his wines, and him, for about 30 years, and have never been disappointed.
-- Tony from Cabin John, MD

*****2010 Old Vines Field Blend
At once huge and elegant. Paired with food like a very, very good Chianti Classico Riserva or Rioja. Got a case, which I burned through in a couple weeks. Wish I had ordered two cases.
-- Tom from San Pablo, CA

***** 2010 Old Vines Field Blend
This is the second year in a row that I have ordered this wine. It has a great finish and a spiced Oak smoothness that you would have thought cost considerably more. Unbeatable at this price.
-- Randall from Solon, OH

***** 2010 Old Vines Zinfandel
I love this wine. I've ordered several wines from this maker and have loved them all.
-- Jan from Riverside, CA

No Meat. No Potatoes.

A lot has changed at WineAccess since we started this online adventure. In the early days, we could evaluate wines only for the ratio between quality and price. That first year, we barely eked out $2 million in sales, so volume was never really an issue.

But as we grew, the number of IKEA cubes doubled at HQ. Then it doubled again. All those new hires had to eat, so our top line had to grow. At first we grew just by pumping out an extra offer per week. Then it was two. It wouldn't take long to read the writing on the wall. Quality was most important. Then price. But volume -- sadly -- mattered too.

As a result, these days when a winemaker calls us to confirm REDUX, we first consult buyers' ratings, then we confirm price (always the same as on the first go around). But finally, we ask the question we didn't used to have to ask. "How much is left?" That was the rub last Thursday with our friend, Matt Cline.

In 2010, the coldest vintage in memory on the Delhi sand of Contra Costa County, Cline harvested a tiny crop -- close to 30% less than the norm. The unusually cool summer, particularly on these ancient single-vineyard plots set right up against the Bay, provided for rare, extended hang time. The fruit that Matt harvested -- off vineyards that still carry the names of the Italian and Portuguese Immigrants who planted them in 1902-1920 -- was pristine. "There was no blistering. No desiccation. I've been working these vines for almost 30 years, but I've never seen a cleaner, more physiologically mature crop than 2010." Cline told us.

Matt's single-vineyard Zinfandels off the remains of the historic Live Oak and Evangelho Vineyards were his plushest standouts of this historic vintage. But it would be his stunning ancient-vine Contra Costa Zinfandel and luscious Old Vine Cuvee that would most stupefy members with their exotic mix of ultra-rich fruit purity, and marvelous, low-pH vibrancy.

WineAccess buyers couldn't have told the story more clearly. Out of 481 total ratings, an incredible 354 came in at 4 stars or 5 (see the histogram above) -- far and away the highest aggregate score ever showered on under-$16 bottles on WineAccess.

The ratings couldn't have been better. The price remained the same. But when Matt told us what was left for Redux, we balked.

"What are we supposed to do with 50 cases of each wine?" We asked. "First, we're going to piss off members. Second, who's going to feed all the workers in those Ikea cubes?"

Matt's a good guy. A decent guy. A fair guy. But he couldn't very well go back in time just to ask Nature to push out two tons per ancient vine acre instead of one! "Sorry, guys. I am. Really. But that's all I have. Take it -- or..."

This one's on the house. We'll eat white rice tonight, as will the rest of the malnourished WineAccess staff. Who needs beef anyway?

Tasting Notes

2010 Three Wine Company Old Vines Zinfandel Contra Costa County
"77% Zinfandel, 16% Petite Sirah, 4% Carignane, 1% Mataro, and 2% Alicante Bouschet. Dark purple. Notes of crushed blackberries, violet, a splash of cherry liqueur, and peppery, sweet herb high tones on the nose. Phenomenally rich on the attack, yet surprisingly sleek, speaking to the deep roots of these 105+ year old plants. Packed with wild blackberries, cherry liqueur and notes of coffee, dense and chewy, all buttressed by old vine, supple tannin cut. Drink now or age for 5-7 years in a cool cellar. Serve in oversized Riedel, and remember to let it breathe; air is this wine's best friend."
-- WineAccess Travel Log

2010 Three Wine Company Old Vines Field Blend Contra Costa County
"Dark purple in color with aromas featuring crushed blackberries, violets, a splash of raspberry liqueur, and plenty of sweet herb high tones. Phenomenally rich on the attack, but still elegant and sophisticated, speaking to the deep roots of these 110+ year old plants. Packed with wild blueberries, ripe raspberries and cassis, dense and chewy, all buttressed by old vine, supple tannin cut. Drink now or age for 5-7 years in a cool cellar."
-- WineAccess Travel Log


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