2010 Three Wine Company Old Vines Field Blend Contra Costa County
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3.95 out of 5 Stars!
Member Reviews:

***** Matt Cline Continues To Amaze
This wine was no surprise. Matt Cline's wines are consistently the best values around, and this was no exception. Big, fruity, complex, and delicious. I bought a lot of it. I have followed his wines, and him, for about 30 years, and have never been disappointed.
-- Tony from Cabin John, MD

***** Three CC Co Blend - Great!
At once huge and elegant. Paired with food like a very, very good Chianti Classico Riserva or Rioja. Got a case, which I burned through in a couple weeks. Wish I had ordered two cases.
-- Tom from San Pablo, CA

***** Three Wine Success
This is the second year in a row that I have ordered this wine. It has a great finish and a spiced Oak smoothness that you would have thought cost considerably more. Unbeatable at this price.
-- Randall from Solon, OH

***** Unbelievable!
This wine is so smooth, like velvet with a long cherry finish....I drove home from my gf's after having a glass with dinner at her place...home, 10 min later I can still taste the cherries on the finish. Classy, well made wine...I need to get more!
-- Mark from Naples, FL

#1 Under-$15 Old Vine Red in America (telling it like it is)

When we first wrote that Matt Cline's ancient vine Field Blend "is the best under $15 red wine in California …NO Contest!" -- we were slammed with emails. Some took pot shots, calling us brash hucksters (or worse). Then the wine was shipped and the ratings flowed in.

Let's just say, no one's taking pot shots any more.

When families named Jacuzzi, Spinelli, Del Barba and Evangelho first set foot on the port of San Francisco, they'd been at sea for over a month. They couldn't very well hail a cab into which they could pile their families and belongings, as Henry Ford was just manufacturing his first motorcar. Largely, they were farmers, accustomed to agrarian life. But they'd just arrived in a young, bustling city, where people were speaking a language they couldn't understand, and where a cold fog made it impossible to grow the fruit these Italian and Portuguese immigrants had farmed for generations.

The fathers found jobs in town, doing whatever they needed to do to put food on the table. Still, these farmers couldn't escape their European roots. Little by little, they began searching for a place that was first, sufficiently close to San Francisco (they couldn't give up their day jobs with so many mouths to feed), and second, warm enough to cultivate vines. They found it a boat ride away on the Delhi beach sand of Contra Costa County.

Most worked fourteen-hour days but were paid for just eight. The remaining time was spent picking up Carignan, Mourvedre and Zinfandel cuttings in Sonoma, then making the trek back down to Oakley with garden tools in hand, carving those cuttings into the dunes, nursing the young vines to life.

As Napa and Sonoma stole the 20th century limelight, little thought was given to those gnarly old vines, still flourishing on deep beds of Delhi sand. All that changed in 1985 when a young graduate of UC Davis returned to his family's farm in Oakley. His name was Matt Cline.

Over the course of the next few years, the inquisitive Cline rekindled friendships with third generation farmers who continued to tend these pristine vineyards, largely forgotten since the turn of the 20th century. One by one, Cline made handshake deals, laying claim to hundreds of acres of what are now 100+ year old bush plants -- each of which ekes out a tiny crop of some of the juiciest BB-sized clusters on the coast.

For years, Matt's powerhouse reds mesmerized us with their voluptuous red and blue fruit density and ethereal old vine aromatics. So when we first wrote that the 2009 Old Vine Field Blend was the #1 American Red under-$15, we weren't talking out of our hats. We were just telling it like it is.

As the ratings streamed in, little by little, those electronic pot shots slowed to a trickle. The 2009 Three Old Vine Field Blend would be the highest-rated under-$15 American red in WineAccess history…until we offered the still richer, brighter, more complex follow-up from the miracle summer of 2010.

The 2010 Three Old Vine Field Blend is dark purple in color, infused with luscious aromas of crushed blackberries (Evangelho Vineyard Zinfandel), raspberry preserves and violets (Spinelli Vineyard Mataro), and ripe cassis (Lucchesi Vineyard Carignane). The attack is packed with wild berry opulence -- dense and chewy -- all buttressed by ancient vine vibrancy and faintly dusty tannins.

1800 bottles disappeared on a quick morning salvo early this fall. 118 buyers rated the 2010 3.95 stars out of five (with 28 coming in at a perfect "five"), barely nosing out the 2009 on the all-time WineAccess hit parade.

Tasting Notes

2010 Three Wine Company Old Vines Field Blend Contra Costa County
"Dark purple in color with aromas featuring crushed blackberries, violets, a splash of raspberry liqueur, and plenty of sweet herb high tones. Phenomenally rich on the attack, but still elegant and sophisticated, speaking to the deep roots of these 110+ year old plants. Packed with wild blueberries, ripe raspberries and cassis, dense and chewy, all buttressed by old vine, supple tannin cut. Drink now or age for 5-7 years in a cool cellar."
-- WineAccess Travel Log

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