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About Carneros

Carneros straddles the borders of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys on the north coast of San Pablo Bay. This appellation has thin soils and receives little rainfall. As the sun heats up the vineyards and mountainsides of Napa Valley to the north, the rising hot air draws cool air and fog over Carneros from the bay. Carneros extends to the base of the Mayacamas hills, with plantings from almost sea-level up to several hundred feet. The weather pattern and low altitude moderate vineyard temperatures, providing just the right conditions for growing cool-climate varietals with crisp acidity and moderate sugar levels.

The region's unusual microclimate has attracted Carneros wine makers who sought to produce superb New World Pinot Noir. The region's best producers have earned a reputation for their crisp, structured Pinots that showcase spicy, dark-berry aromatics and flavors. In addition to its Pinot Noir, Carneros is also known for its crisp, citrusy Chardonnays and bright sparkling Carneros wines.

Jessica Merz Image: Licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0