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Vieux Ch√Ęteau Certan
We don't know the exact origin of this Pomerol estate. In fact, no one does. There seems to be some agreement that a few of the chateau buildings date to the 16th century, but the rest remains a mystery. For the past 88 years, however, Vieux Chateau Certan has been owned by the Thienpont family. Alexander Thienpont, grandson of George, who acquired the estate in 1924, manages today. His hard work in the last 20 years has caused the estate to shine, lifting it from a period of shakiness in the '70s and '80s.

We've always found VCC (as the shorthand goes) to be a rather atypical Pomerol, thanks to its unusually high percentage of Cabernet Franc and the presence of some Cabernet Sauvignon. Although the Cabernet component often makes for a reticent and very firm wine in the early going, some recent vintages have been more Merlot-dominant and thus more open and sweet in their youth, even if they possess the structure for long aging. 7500 cases of the eponymous Grand Vin are produced each year along with a second wine, Gravette de Certan.

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