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Domaine Robert Chevillon
For the longest time, the Chevillons were the equivalent of sharecroppers, farming vines they didn't own and selling the fruit to local n├ęgociants. Maurice Chevillon, Robert's father, eventually purchased a three hectare vineyard in Nuits-Saint-Georges, and began harvesting his own grapes. Robert Joined him in 1968, and finally, in the late '70s they began to bottle and sell their own wines. Today, Domaine Robert Chevillon is one of the top two producers in Nuits-Saint-Georges, along with Henri Gouges.

Robert's sons, Bertrand and Denis now manage the estate's 32 acre vineyard, offering a slew of premier crus. These wines are supple, fruit-driven, impeccably balanced and rarely hard in their youth. Unusual for Burgundy, the philosophy at Chevillon is to the let the vines continue to produce until they expire naturally, the older vines producing more concentrated fruit. It's not uncommon for vines here to be 70 to 80 years old.


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About Burgundy

The finest red and white wines of Burgundy set the standard for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At their best, Burgundy wines are the world's most aromatically complex, silky, and seductive wines, thanks to their ineffable combination of fruits, flowers, minerals, and earth, and their ability to project flavor authority without excess weight. But first-rate Burgundies are produced in limited quantities. Burgundy is a minefield for the...
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