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Domaine Louis Michel
In six generations of winemaking here in Chablis, the Michel family has developed a no nonsense approach. You won't find the distracting presence of oak in these immaculate Chardonnays, because no wood is used in their cellaring. Instead, stainless steel vats are used to age wines, allowing the complexity and pureness of aromas to shine through. The family's holdings cover 25 hectares, including 2 hectares in Grand Cru vineyards Vaudesir, Les Clos, and Grenouilles. The result of a meticulous harvest is restrained wines that display an almost metallic minerality, and can be counted on to improve in texture and richness with more time in bottle. If you have the patience, wait ten years to open up the Grand Crus.

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Domaine Pinson, Chablis
About Chablis

Wine lovers who have come to think of Chardonnay as weighty and thick will find Chablis a revelation. When grown in the cool clay-and-chalk soils around the sleepy town of Chablis, at the northern reach of Burgundy, Chardonnay is transformed into one of the world's most cerebral and distinctive white wines. With its brisk...
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