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Chateau Guiraud
This chateau, recently purchased by a consortium led by auto magnate Robert Peugeot, produces a distinctly restrained style of Sauternes that emphasizes the pungent, firmer quality of Sauvignon Blanc over the more exotic tones of Sémillon. The abundance of Sauvignon was a result of the planting strategy of an earlier owner, Paul César Rival, who managed the estate through the middle of the twentieth century. Today, the 85 hectare vineyard still contains an unusually high percentage of Sauvignon Blanc for Sauternes--35%. But recent vintages of the sweet wine have been especially rich, as a greater percentage of these Sauvignon grapes have been directed to the production of the estate's dry white wine: G de Guiraud.


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About Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the planet's largest source of fine wine, the model for Cabernet Sauvignon- and Merlot-based wines around the globe. Bordeaux wines are considered by many wine connoisseurs to be the world's greatest reds.

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