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Domaine Rene Mure/Clos St. Landelin
Owner Rene Mure doesn't stand out in Alsace for his practice of organic viticulture or his current experimentation with biodynamic preparations; these admirable efforts are shared by a number of other prominent vignerons. What's notable is his work with red varietals. He's been growing Pinot Noir for over a quarter century and is considering planting Syrah as well.

With the classic Alsatian varietals, Domaine Rene Mure is a source of rich, succulent, sometimes exotically fruity wines from the relatively warm Grand Cru Vorbourg. His section, the Clos St. Landelin, covers 29.5 acres on the south-facing slopes. Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir are planted here, in the stoney, clay-limestone soil. Mure's other Grand Cru vineyard, the Zinnkoepfle, produces spicy, fresh Gewurztraminers with complex, floral bouquets.


Albert Hertz, Eguisheim
About Alsace

Alsace has been almost pathologically ignored by the American wine-drinking public for generations--a real mystery in light of the great number of juicy, pure wines produced in this picture-postcard region of northeastern France.
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