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Chateau Nairac
Chateau Nairac is named for the prominent Sauternes familywho made its fortune in shipping and politics during the 18th century. ElyseeNairac, the head of the family, acquired the estate in 1777 and erected thechateau which is still in use today. Its current proprietors, the Heeters, havesteadily improved quality since purchasing the estate in 1971.

Chateau Nairac displays Barsac's fresh and lively side, which comes to theforefront in this focused and elegant wine that's more citric and spicy thanunctuous and honeyed. When Tom Heeter managed the estate, he tended towardshigh amounts of early Sauvignon Blanc, prizing its aromatics. Since hisdeparture, Semillon has been the primary component. The 17 hectare vineyardreflects this stylistic change and has been replanted to 90% Semillon, 6%Sauvignon Blanc and 4% Muscadelle.

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