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Bogle Vineyards Petite Sirah California
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gle is soft enough to go with a vast range of dishes. Its ripe blueberry and blackberry fruit is luscious and compelling.
by b12514885
tons of good write-ups; try 3
by Yager12418632
As suspected we love it, great qpr. could be an everyday wine.
by Zolt@n
Softer than the smoothest velvet, very pleasing finish on the palate. It's totally amazing a liquid can feel that textural. Reminds me of the old Calvert Whiskey commercials "Softer that a kiss". This one's a definate "keeper". Stands on its own and pairs well with many dishes.
A Petite with a Huge taste
by Edwards12183205
One of my favorite wines. Better than many reds at twice the price. Smooth and fruity--an adventure for the palate.
A red to get non-red drinkers to, well, try reds
by Jen11923103
I have been exploring the different varieties of red wines for the past few months and have found myself falling in love with Sirahs. One evening, when I went to Justin's on Lark St. for dinner, I tried a glass of Bogle Petite Sirah and fell head over heals! The texture was smooth and velvety, the flavor was fruity and earthy, and the body was full and warm. Since then, I have brought this wine to parties and it has received many compliments. Even a friend of mine who is not a big wine drinker enjoyed it, because it is so flavorful yet surprisingly gentle. Anyone who has had a disappointing experience tasting red wine or thinks that all red wines are harsh and drying needs to try this wine. They will be convinced otherwise!
Unbeatable Petite Sirah for under $ 10
by Bellingrath11784135
I love the dark red wines with a full taste. This is one of my two favourite red wines under $ 10. The other one is the Wyndham Estates bin 555 Shiraz, but I like the Petite Sirah even better. Tastes great now but should be even better after a couple of years.
Excellent for a first time buyer
by Marcant10836952
Excellent for a first time buyer! A Petite Sirah is different from your other reds, it has a medium / full body, color is amazing, and the bouquet is unbelievable. The value for this wine is excellent. Someone looking to try something a little different this is it! This wine reminds me of old school with my dad!
Consistently good
by KJT
The 2006 vintage was very good from the first sniff to the last of the long finish. Typical Sirah flavors that were mouth-filling and lingering. Not to be confused with the big Ausie wines that you have to scrape off your palate but very good in its own right.
A Bargain Petite Syrah to keep around the house
by ChampagneSipper
Everybody likes it; very consistent from year to year; Bogle overall has good value wines
Excellent wine!
by Burdick10783353
Lots of body, lots of fruit. Nice finish. Very very good value for the money!!!
Memorable Syrah
by Shaggydoink
For some reason I have been avoiding Bogle Vineyards, but found this wine to be exceptional. Deep color and flavors, better than many wines I've paid twice the price for. Will definitely buy again.
the texture is as fine as the taste
by Cliff & Susan
a deep color hints at the complexity of flavors - but i enjoy letting it lay on the tongue - the velvet texture is unique - an extraordinary experience at an affordable price!
Nice one
by Erabelli10478877
Balanced medium bodied wine with ripe tannins.
Very drinkable now.
by sarver10752689
For the price I don't think you can find a better bottle. This is as good as you can possibly get for under $20.
Wonderful !
by Mike Ott
Lots of fruit, blackberries, cherries
Great everyday wine!
by Kenney10460225
One of my favorites for pasta or pizza!
Good, slightly spicy
by Eley12166209
a bit agressive in the nose
Not bad
by Bordeauxn't
Pretty good flavor, finish is kinda wierd though. Fairly enjoyable, I'm just not in love with it.
high expectations???
by Kurtz11787059
Perhaps I expected too much from this wine, but I was not overly impressed. It was not bad at all, just did not knock my socks off like I had expected.


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It is remarkable that an industry essentially less than a half-century old could capture the attention of the American wine-buying public to the degree that California has. Powerful consumer interest in California wine is driven by two major factors. The more obvious reason is that California's best wines, which come from grapes grown in...

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Petite Sirah

Even though the origins of this grape are in France, California is the place to look for the best expressions of Petite Sirah. The "Petite" in the name refers not to the size of the vines but rather to the size of the grapes. In fact, the high skin to juice ratio that accompanies the small berries allows Petite Sirah to produce wines with high tannins and...
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