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Ernest & Julio Gallo Copperridge White Zinfandel
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5 stars
by Roussanne293146
I just loved this wine. While in Fargo, ND I was in a restaurant and asked for a glass of Zinfandel. I had to find out what it was and this is the name they gave me. I have read some of the other comments and agree - this is the best zin ever!! I would like a few bottles around for Christmas.
best zinfandel every
by stein13948892
I agree with the wine authority writer who wrote about this wine 100%. This is the best Zinfandel wine that you can buy no matter what the cost.The bottle of Copper Ridge that I have says it is made by the Copper Ridge Vineyard in California. It does not say anything about Juilo and Ernest Gallio vineyard. So I do not know if these are the same wine.
by neeley11947733
I discovered this wine when I was staying at the Hyatt in Huntsville, AL. This is what they served as their 'house' zinfandel. I was so surprised and impressed that I ask the bartender what kind it was and she produced the bottle. I consider myself to have a fair knowledge and appreciation of wines but I had never heard of this one. I also have never tasted a better wine regardless of price. It manages to be full bodied yet mellow. It's not too, sweet nor to acidic. It is as if the flavor blossoms in your mouth. I was so surprised and impressed that this inexpensive little wine rivaled many $45-$90 wines that I had tried. It compliments almost any dish you serve but it can also stand alone. They really hit the mark with this one.

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It is remarkable that an industry essentially less than a half-century old could capture the attention of the American wine-buying public to the degree that California has. Powerful consumer interest in California wine is driven by two major factors. The more obvious reason is that California's best wines, which come from grapes grown in...

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Zinfandel is not the rage it was in the 1980s and early 1990s, as there are now too many wines made from overripe fruit or from young vines, or overwhelmed by excessive use of new barrels. Today's Zin styles range from elegant, taut, and claret-like midweights to superripe and potty behemoths, with off-the-charts...
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