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Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards Sweet Red Cat
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Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards Sweet Red Cat

Producer: Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards
Style: Red Wine
Grape Type: Red Blend
Origin: New York
Region: New York

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Great red wine if you like light, sweet and fruity.
by Semillon627616
I do not like heavy dark wines or dry white wines. Hazlitt Red Cat is just perfect for me. If you like a light red wine that is sweet and fruity, this is the wine for you.
Love the cat
by Malbec552224
Love this wine! It's sweet but not too sweet! One of the gentlemen at our liquor store recommended it a few years ago! I'm so happy he did because I'm hooked!
I loved it!
by PinotGrigio/Gris369368
I am not a wine drinker but my oldest daughter recently convinced me to try Redcat...I wasn't sorry! I fell in love with it!!
Bring Home the Cat!!!
by Joyner14040492
I am no expert, but I know what I like. My girlfriends and I prefer the sweeter wines so I was just looking for something different from our normal Sweet Shiraz or Sweet Red. I Googled Sweet Red one day and this came up. We have been hooked on Moscato since '05, so it was time for a change on the white as well. I went to my local TW and bought a bottle of each. Let's just say, me and the girls just got back to work from picking up a few bottles. It doesn't matter, Red or White; just bring home the Cat!!!
I like it
by yu13963521
I bought about 10 different wines this month. This one tastes best so far, probably because I like sweet wine.
Red Cat: I love this Sweet, Juicy ,Red Wine!!!!!!
by Linda13206397
My friend introduced me to this wine and I LOVE IT for summer (and ANY party year round)! I now buy CASES of it (at for summer since I have my entire family "hooked" on this refreshing, sweet , light bodied red wine. Yummmmmmmmmy. Sweet and pares well with most foods. Delicious! Fall in love with Red Cat, I did! PS: (Red Cat is addicting for fun parties!!!)
Love this wine!!!!
by Seely13376799
If you love this wine you should try the White cat also. I am from Upstate NY and I am so thrilled you guys carry this wine. I bring back to NC an average of 8 cases a year to share with friends and family. I suggest taking a Trip to Watkins Glen NY and taking a Hazlitt boat wine tour, great vacation and great way to sample their wines. They also have non boat wine tasting tours as well. Beautiful country.
Awesome Wine!
by Ash13366232
By chance this wine was recommended to me by a liquor store in NY. The next summer I planned a trip around visiting the winery. This is at the top of my favorite wine list. It's great by itself, or with hot dogs, hamburgers - just anything!
Great entertaining wine
by Bailey13301071
I first tried Red Cat at Total Wines. I love it. I enjoy taking it to social gatherings. The bottle is a conversation starter. Great wine with any type of food.
by brandywine11004
This is an excellent wine. We bought it just on a whim because my young son liked the label on the bottle. I wasn't expecting to like it. But I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing & smooth this wine is. When we have company everyone raves about the wine & we run out. So now we buy the bigger bottles available. It is sweet but not overly sweet. It is great with just about all foods. Burgers, pizza, italian...
Best on the rocks with a twist of lime!
by Stafford12856572
I have visited this winery on a wine tour in upstate NY and they were serving it on the rocks with a twist of lime in a take home glass. I purchased a case that day and brought it home to South Jersey, and my friends and I are hooked! It reminds me of a Sangria and is a fabulous summertime, poolside cocktail!
Fun wine!
by Essex12352730
I made the mistake of getting sick drunk on homemade wine when I was 18 (25 years ago), and haven't been able to stand wine since. I've decided I'd like to find a wine I can drink socially. A store employee recommended this. I drank the whole bottle in 90 minutes!! Made for a fun evening! -- Tom
by Williams12017960
I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I was introduced to Hazlitt Red Cat by an employee at Total Wine, and I love it. It doesn't taste like vinegar as most wines do. Also, try Cabin Fever (In stock but not listed on this website) by Hazlitt.
lorun austin
by austin11875317
I tried many wines before trying Red Cat and now I don't drink anything else. It compliments many types of food. I buy it by the case. The only downfall is that not many stores sell it and I have to order it online.
by Dobson11754853
This wine was suggested to us by one of the employee's at Total Wine. We told them we wanted a fruity, red delicious wine and we certainly got one. Our new favorite! Thanks
One of the Greatest
by morgan11335945
I am not an avid wine lover, but this one is definitely my favorite wine to drink. I enjoy it no matter what i am eating.
Red Cat, Red Cat
by Richardson11258019
Originally from the area and I highly recommend taking a NY vacation just to tour the 100's of wineries located on the shores of the Fingerlakes. Hazlitt is well known for their production of Red Cat (a personal favorite) and if you have ever been to the Winery itself for a tasting, you'll never forget Red Cat's theme song!! Visit them on the web, If you like Red Cat, try Raspberry Rhapsody by Hosmer Winery, also located on the Fingerlakes Wine Trail. Arrange a Tour!!
The greatest wine ever!!!
by Rogers10496662
I am orignally from Upstate NY, (Vestal).I love Redcat so much. I used to buy this wine there all the time. When I moved to MD. 2 years ago, I then started looking for this wine, & could not find it until recently. I e-mailed Hazlitt and they gave me the name of this Wine Store. I wish they would also carry White Stag, another great Wine from Hazlitt!!! Everyone Enjoy it!!!
A great sweet red wine
by USMA88
I love sweet wines and Red Cat is the best I have ever tasted. It goes great with any type of food.
Red Cat
by jamahosky
I am from PA and migrated to VA. I visited the finger lake region alot. I was very excited when I went into Total Wine and they had Hazlitt Red Cat. It is a great sweet wine, goes good on those hot days in Hampton Roads.
Light and quaffable
by sjdesmith
Good summer wine. Could actually drink this over ICE.
Sweet Red Cat - The Hot Tub Wine
by Meadows13950504
I was in Total Wine in Richmond with a friend chatting with several visiting New Yorkers who recommended Red Cat. THIS is my new favorite wine, and also that of my friend. We always have some when we get together. Try it with dark chocolate. YUMMY!
red cat
by zeidman13763772
fun, sweet and fruity red wine. really liked it!
Great table wine
by Murphy13326401
Everyone at our table remarked how light and smooth this wine was. A crowd pleaser. Will become a regular on our shopping list.
Ruddy Success!!
by Jenkins12555164
Every year for the holidays, I bring the wine... I usually pick up a hodge-podge to accomodate most palates. When the 750ml was opened, it literally became a "Red Cat-fight" as the proverbial "fur" went flying and the bottle layed empty in one round of pours. This year, I was "warned" not to show without a cold case in hand. Yeeeesh....
Sweet Red and Nice
by owens12662043
I have tried several red wines and always was disappointed because they were dry and unsweet. Until now I found this one just walking around in the store and decided to give it a try. It was good not great. I can drink again until I can find a better sweet red wine.
by Brown12452585
I too am an Upstater (Horseheads). Hazlitt makes a good variety of wines. They are very popular with the newer wine drinker and those with a sweeter pallet. They have several including Red Cat that cater to that particular crowd and are a favorite on the wine tours. My parents drink Red Cat by the case. I personally go for a more mild wine, chardonnay or smoother cab/merlot varieties, and find their wine very enjoyable. The individual wines aren't my favorites per se, but the winery provides an overall selection of wines that I would consider one of my favorites. Try a wine tour in late september-early october.
Great Aroma
by Hanus12180402
Hamburger and pizza
Very mellow
by Peak
This is a very mellow wine. Lacks robust, but still is sweet and tasteful.
Sweet and Red
by Garbus11029577
one of the sweetest reds I have ever had. Very pleasant yet bold enough that you want to swish it around before you swallow it. Very nice casual wine. Little to no finish.
The "fun" sweet red
by VA Wine Lover
I am typically a white wine drinker but this "fun" sweet, fruity red will convert even us white wine drinkers. It's great chilled.


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