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J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines Chardonnay Riverstone
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Beautiful wine!
by merstar
I'm generally not a Chardonnay lover, but this one could turn me around. It's nice and buttery, fruity, vanilla-y, and very rich tasting. A definite winner.
what a smell and then the taste ...just wonderful
by Brassil13788588
the best chardonnay around for under $10.I am going to pick up a case.
One of our favorite Chards
by Mack12628961
Nice buttery finish - first had this at Caffe Gelatto.
The Best
by Barone12627016
I tried this in a restaurant in Annapolis MD after reading the description. This wine is everything J Lohr describes it to be and more. Its a must have in the wine cellar.
by RickyComedina
excellent, buttery oaky taste.
Best Chardonnay around
by Gentry12314381
This is my favorite Chardonnay, hands down. It beats others that are more than twice the price. Smooth and buttery, with a hint of oak--simply delicious. Even if you're not a big fan of Chardonnay, try this one and I bet you'll change your mind!
Excellent chardonnay
by Rotella12391359
I am not a big Chardonnay fan but this is a very good wine for the price.
What a surprise!
by Cheek12373169
Incredibly refreshing. A nice, light Chard that is balanced with citrus and vanilla with a pleasant light oak finish. Very nice! I was impressed to say the least for a $10 bottle.
by O'Brien11946041
The 2005 was as enjoyable as the 2004. Appearance is clear and brilliant; Aroma intense, with hints of vanilla and apple; taste of fruit - apple apparent; nice viscosity-medium to full bodied; well-balanced; very pleasant finish. A very solid chardonnay for the price.
by Brandt11438216
Might be nice to keep this chardonnay a secret ~ we wouldn't want it to become common! J.Lohr will be the case of chardonnay we purchase for our next large gathering ... it has universal appeal.
A Wallstreet Journal Favorite
by Prospero10675061
The great WSJ wine critics (on 4/28/05) picked this as one of the top 3 American Chards (of 50 sampled)... here's what they had to say: "Vibrant. Easy to drink, with lovely, ripe fruit. Good to sip alone or with food." Total Wine price is great too!!!
J Lohr is the best!
by Walsh11495347
I'm a big chardonnay fan and I have found that J Lohr is one of the best current chardonnays for under $10. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good under $10 chardonnay.
My favorite
by Smith11324742
This is simply my favorite Chardonnay and the price is very reasonable. This always gets compliments from people who have not tried it. You can't go wrong.
by sokowski11317281
I am no fan of Chard's. This was very nice. Had a light buttery taste w/ a slight oak flavor. Fantastic w/ light fish - I am sure.
Actually 3.5
by hertel14216073
I have to think some of these reviews have a vested interest. This is an excellent wine at the price. The recent vintage has strong oak flavor which we like. But, is this a 5 star wine, obviously not.
A great wine when you're on a diet
by steele11971617
I'm on a diet, and giving up my vino is the hardest thing...the buttery flavor of this wine gives that rich texture and feeling that none of the foods I can presently eat give me. Friends also love this - even those that say "I hate chardonnay." In a perfect world, it could use a bit more oak and a smidgen of citrus to truly balance it, but it is definitely a great wine as-is. And you can't beat the price and value on this one.
Good value California Chardonnay
by shoemaker13793954
A bit too much oak (for my taste) with notes of apricot, pears and a touch of honey (not sweet). Excellent value at $7.99
smooth, pretty good
by Talbott11662103
I liked it ok, but my wife really liked it. It was very buttery (which I like) but not enough oak to balance that out - in my opinion. I wished it had more of a citrus-like bite to it.


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The best Chardonnays in the world continue to arrive from the region where the grape first emerged: the chalk, clay, and limestone vineyards of Burgundy and Chablis. While the origins of the grape were disputed for many years, with some speculating that the grape came all the way from the Middle East, DNA researchers at the University of California-Davis proved in 1999 that Chardonnay actually developed...
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