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Vendange Chardonnay
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Vendange Chardonnay

Producer: Vendange
Style: White Wine
Grape Type: Chardonnay
Origin: California
Region: Other California

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Why 5 stars?
by hipquest
You can't find a better wine for a large gathering at this price point. It is a great "bridge" wine for those that prefer Pinot Grigio. Would I serve it at a dinner party? Probably not but it's great for BBQ's, weddings, any large gathering or those times the neighbors stop in to have a drink on the patio.
Danced @ My Daughter's Wedding!
by Thumper 12141604
Nice easy drinking party sipper for large gatherings. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!!
Cost Effective
by Barone12627016
For the price, this is an average chardonnay and good for a larger party volume wine.

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The best Chardonnays in the world continue to arrive from the region where the grape first emerged: the chalk, clay, and limestone vineyards of Burgundy and Chablis. While the origins of the grape were disputed for many years, with some speculating that the grape came all the way from the Middle East, DNA researchers at the University of California-Davis proved in 1999 that Chardonnay actually developed...
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