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Domaine/Maison Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages
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My kind of wine
by Ana12352986
May be I'm not well educated about wine. The only thing I can say is I like soft wines like this one
Louis Lifer
by WineGym
This wine was one of my first purchases when my wife and I started drinking wine. It is a staple for us and a must try for anyone starting off on their wine journey. We have never had a bottle that we did not enjoy. Over the years it seems to get better. It is excellent in all respects (the price is always affordable so we end up getting a few bottles at a time for the wine cellar) This is a nice steak dinner wine and we have enjoyed it watching a late night movie with cheese and crackers.
This is the red to grab when in doubt
by Walker Ban13883628
Remember, Beaujolais is not a Cabernet! This wine is light bodied, fragrant and holds its own with any type of food. It never over powers your meal and is an excellent sipping red wine. For this price you can keep it on hand for any occasion and serve it proudly because you can be sure your guests will enjoy it!
Jadot is fine and inexpensive
by Gudgeon13768849
My favorite wine for the $10.00 and under wines. Great with everything.
More wine please...
by LoveWine12951109
Of all the wines I have tried for less than $10., none have been as smooth and complete. Although not the most complex wine or rich in oak, smoke, or earth tones, which I enjoy, it was the best for this price range. A wine I can drink everyday with anything...
Fruity and delicious
by loveswine2348
My husband and I ordered a bottle of this last night with a steak dinner and we were pleasantly surprised. We paid $20(overpriced) but the combination of steak, terriyake and this wonderful elixir was outstanding. This is a great way to whet your appetite and learn more about French wines without being overpowered. We will definitely buy a few bottles of this.
The Thanksgiving thing
by PinotPlease
Fisher11978521, I feel the same way about vinofascists as you seem to. I'd like to throw a half-empty bottle of Schwartz Katz at some of them....And RobRules...I once misread a menu and ordered Duboeff. When it came I told the steward I had ordered Jadot. She explained that they did not stock Jadot, and then said "I wish we did!" Anyhow, I buy half a case of this every year at Thanksgiving. We gave up on the nouveau craziness a few years back and settled into the habit of buying this fine, affordable wine as one of our holiday reds each year. Every year it's consistently good. (Though that face on the cork kind or scares me.)
Good value
by Saucier12080942
The 2003 I have is a very drinkable Burgundy that serves double duty in the kitchen in my Boeuf Bourguignon and other dishes. A good choice for the home .'re an idiot
by Fisher11978521
This is not a first cru Burgundy, but if you are looking for a very nice and affordable wine from the region, then this Beaujolais Villages is a very respectable choice…even if you like to match it with steak. In fact, this wine has won our blind taste test for two consecutive years in a row …beating two Debuef’s in the process, and is a light but authentic representation of the style and character of the region. If, however, you have only a one dimensional wine palate, like some people in this thread, then you’d probably be better off sticking with an Australian Shiraz fruit bomb which I believe is also an appropriate match to grilled steak …enjoy the diversity of the grape friends!
Good every day red
by stewartlow
Several times we have enjoyed this wine with steak!
Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages
by muscat11080354
This was an unexpected treat brought by a houseguest. We were surprised it was not a more expensive bottle.
not half bad
by Lukmire11957792
Drink it up; simple, fruity, and an agreeable cheapie.
Good As It Goes!!
by Thumper 12141604
Some folks in this thread need to get over it!! This is a nice serviceable $8.50 light red wine. Chilled it's an affordable party sipper. It pairs well with lightfare, fruit, and soft cheeses. Those looking for a powerhouse like Moulin-A-Vent for $8.50 are out of luck!! This offering is a regular buy for us.
Great price for a simple wine
by Schriver12047142
Again, Jadot makes me happy. This Beaujolais is very food friendly for a simple price.


About Beaujolais

Made from the Gamay grape, the red wines of Beaujolais are mostly exuberantly fruity and brisk wines that are often served lightly chilled for added refreshment. There is also a small amount of white Beaujolais, made from Chardonnay, but little of this is exported to the U.S. Today, the overwhelming majority of Beaujolais production is controlled by negociants, of whom Georges Duboeuf is the undisputed king.

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Gamay is the primary grape of Beaujolais, a region administratively considered part of the Burgundy wine growing region, but one that has a climate closer to that of the Rhone. Wine produced here appears in your glass in essentially three forms: Nouveau, Beaujolais Villages, and Cru Beaujolais.
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