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Banfi Brachetto d'Acqui Rosa Regale
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The perfect wine
by Pinotage514961
I cannot get over how good this wine is. This is by far the best wine that I have ever came across. Once you start you cannot have just one glass, its that good.
Bubble Bath Champagne
by Santana13973020
I love this wine!! My wife and I call it the "bubble bath champagne"! We have given a bottle to all of our couple friends at birthdays, anniversaries, or just for fun! It's a refreshing taste and this price is definitely the best price around. I agree with the other reviews, it's a sweet, bubbly, delicious drink! I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it yet!
Another EPCOT success story...
by Love14084401
I find it funny how many reviewers here had their first taste of Rosa Regale at EPCOT!! I am another one of those people. My husband and I had just left "Germany" and went into the Italian wine store and I asked for something sweet like the Riesling I had just finished. The Rosa was suggested -- and it was PERFECT. If you like light, fruity sparkling wines -- this is for you. This is a reasonably priced sweet wine. The Total Wine price also beats the grocery store by about $5!! I am so glad to find this wine locally.
Sweet and very good
by Loyd13326945
This wine was recommended to a family member by his doctor. I had the opportunity to try it and I have suggested it to many people who like sweet wine. Every now and then I want something sweet and this wine is delicious.
Wonderful fun wine
by McNamara12413503
Strangely enough, the first time I had this wine was at EPCOT at a wine tasting. I liked it so much I bought a bottle. I am pleased to find that Total Wine carries it. The price tag can't be beat!
Sweet like candy
by partalien
This was a perfect sparkling wine for my wife who likes them sweet. This was like drinking bubbly raspberry juice. Everyone else loved it, too.
Simply fabulous
by jeg6428
I bought this for my wife for Valentine's Day (and was given some free chocolates to accompany it). It was a TREMENDOUS hit with both of us, and the sweetness is dramatically enhanced by chocolate. The wine has a beautiful color, tempting nose, and a crisp, sweet flavor. A great deal under $20 and an intriguing dessert wine alternative.
Valentines Day Delight
by Sharpe11936518
Looking for something different than a Champaigne or Asti Spumante, give this a try. Very drinkable alone or with chocolate/dessert. The three ladies that shared the bottle loved it and can't wait for more. Probably $16-$18 in local stores. Will keep one around for an alternative to the usual sparkling options.
Wonderful with Chocolate
by Carhart10843351
I tried this for the first time in France at Epcot, Florida. It was a wonderful blend of sweetness and tartness. I am happy to find this on Total Wine's list. Will definitely try this again soon!
A wonderful alternative
by Shepard10763938
I first enjoyed this sparkling red wine at the home of a neighbor over the weekend. After drinking most of her bottle, I went out to purchase my own the next day. This is a light, sweet sparkling wine and a pleasant change from spumante. When I was at Total Beverage, the clerk told me that they'd sold 74 bottles in 5 hours on Valentine's Day when they had it at the testing table. I only hope that it doesn't become so popular that it sells out before I can get back for more.
Wonderful Sparkling wine
by Sweetinasense
This wine is a beautiful red color with tastes that include berry, apple, and cherry. It's nothing like a sterotypical champagne. It's sweet and is the perfect compliment to spicy foods. (Also wonderful with chocolate fondue!!)
very tasty
by riamac
i first tasted this wine at epcot in florida. i had one sip and had to buy a bottle. so far i haven't been able to find it in my town. i wish i had bought 2 bottles.
Wonderful Bubbly Champagne
by obxchicky
My husband and I first had this wonderful champagne at Epcot in Orlando about a year ago. Upon our return to disney, they were out of stock. We were pleased to locate it at Total Beverage. I encourage everyone to try this delicious sparkling beverage. It is a beautiful shade of red and the aroma is amazing! Not your typical champagne.
A Great Dessert Wine.
by Wygonik12032950
We first had this sweet Italian campagne in the village of Costiglioli d’ Asti in Northern Italy back in 2002. It was served over fresh sliced strawberries. I brought home several bottles, and I'm pleased that I'm able to get it in Delaware while visiting relatives. Try it over the strawberries . . . it's always a hit at parties.
Excellent dessert sparkilng
by JWB1026
I first had this sparkling at the home of a friend of a friend, at an estate outside of Rome. I enjoyed it so much that I brought back several bottles and was always pleased to find it in stock at Total. The bottle and label were recently been redesigned but the great sweet crispness of this sparkling still takes me back to that first time I tried it. Its a great compliment to a fine meal and I will be ordering some for the holidays!


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