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Terrazas de los Andes Malbec Alto Mendoza
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About Terrazas de los Andes

In the 1950s, Moet realized that the global demand for sparkling wines was outpacing their production capabilities. They began searching for ideal vineyard locations outside of France. They ended up settling on Mendoza, founding Bodegas Chandon, known for its fruity sparkling wines.

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Terrazas de los Andes Malbec Alto Mendoza

Producer: Terrazas de los Andes
Style: Red Wine
Grape Type: Malbec
Origin: Argentina
Region: Argentina

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3.78 out of 5 stars
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Member Notes

Delicious and smooth
by Nightingale13467770
This is the smoothest, loveliest red wine I've had in years.
wsj reserva
by rapunzel2
only reserva
Malbec novice
by LMR14025302
This is a wonderful wine. As someone who has little experience with Malbec, it makes me want to try more. It seems to get better and better as I drink.
Really nice with Sushi
by Parsey13914594
Tried the 2005, then another glass, 4 friends joined and we finished three bottles. 2006 is not quite as good, but still a very nice Malbec.
Good Malbec 3.5/5.0
by Howard13576883
Not as good as others in it's price range (Alamos, etc.), but a solid buy, nonetheless.
Nice Table Wine
by Novicewineguy
I'd actually give this a 3.5 stars but I rounded up. This has good tannins with complimenting acidity. I like the Alamos Malbec Mendoza a little better but will definitely buy this again as well.
by Marne001
This wine is better than the Terrazas Reserve and almost as good as my favorite, Salentein.
by Eble11944426
smooth, grape and cherry, full
by Maiorana10561863
Flexible wine with various dishes especially grilled foods with a little spice. For the price this is an excellent food wine to serve your guest at a summer cookout. This wine is a hint of what South America can do with a popular French grape
Good Value!
by Rickey2005
WS rated this wine an 88 which I think is a fair assesment. Medium bodied with good balance and intense fruit flavors. Softer and easier to drink than other Malbecs I have tried. Still probably more of a food wine.
Surprisingly great value
by Lacy10547035
This is one of my favorite wines. Rich juicy plum, fig, dark fruit, vanilla, caramel. Smooth, priced well enough to eat with an every day meal.
by Heeren13614445
We had this wine during Passport in Delray at Cabana el Rey, with skirt steak. Good, not great.
WSJ Good / Very Good
by Knapik12202187
Earthy, with zingy acidity, especially at the end. Very lively, very real.


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About Argentina

Until the early 1990s, Argentina's wine industry was focused inward, as the local market's thirst was sufficient to absorb the huge quantities of everyday drinking wine produced there. But with per-capita consumption in the domestic market in sharp decline since the mid-1970s, Argentina's wine producers realized that they had to look to export markets to remain in business, and winemaking in Argentina began its transformation.

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The Malbec grape may have originated in southwest France, where it still is grown under the name Cot. However, the grape's international profile has surged not because of what's going on in France, but rather because of current trends in Argentina.
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