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Georges Duboeuf Pouilly-Fuisse
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additional aroma detected
by Dr. Doolittle
Description by Total Wine of this 100% Chardonnay very accurate--this wine was very enjoyable, however it was of special interest to me due to the following: I have recently been reading more and more about wine and the described aromas--one that has been mentioned is "cat's pee", and the Pouilly Fuse is supposed to be a classic for that. Being a veterinarian, I am quite familiar with that aroma! And this wine definitely has that aroma! But don't worry it doesn't taste like it smells, and I don't mean that as a negative comment! I am overall not a fan of white wine (at least yet) but I would have to say this one has piqued my interest (thus the 4 stars). Try it (esp if you want to experience the cat's pee aroma in a wine hahah!)
No "Cat's Pee" Here!
by Thumper 12141604
The famous "Kitty Liter" aroma erroneously cited in another review is associated with Sauvignon Blanc,,,,NEVER with the tree fruit, mineral and buttered oak qualities and characteristics of Chardonnay. I just had to set the record straight.


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The finest red and white wines of Burgundy set the standard for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At their best, Burgundy wines are the world's most aromatically complex, silky, and seductive wines, thanks to their ineffable combination of fruits, flowers, minerals, and earth, and their ability to project flavor authority without excess weight. But first-rate Burgundies are produced in limited quantities. Burgundy is a minefield for the...
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The best Chardonnays in the world continue to arrive from the region where the grape first emerged: the chalk, clay, and limestone vineyards of Burgundy and Chablis. While the origins of the grape were disputed for many years, with some speculating that the grape came all the way from the Middle East, DNA researchers at the University of California-Davis proved in 1999 that Chardonnay actually developed...
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