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Egervin Egri Bikaver Bull's Blood
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Egervin Egri Bikaver Bull's Blood

Producer: Egervin
Style: Red Wine
Grape Type: Red Blend
Origin: Hungary
Region: Hungary

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by Rawlings12655062
I had this wine in Budapest in 2000 and it was one of the best bangs for your buck (or Forint, at the time). Best enjoyed walking over the Danube on the Chain Bridge at night. If you can't do that, just pull the cork and rent I Spy with Eddie Murphy & Owen Wilson (they're in Budapest).
by ewnlpr2
Great with sour beef.
Why is it called Bulls blood of Eger?
by Bakos14210306
The name (in English, "Bull's Blood of Eger"), originates from the battles against the Turkish armies in 1552, according to legend. "To motivate and support the small group of soldiers during the siege of Eger castle they were served delicious food and a lot of red wine. Among the Turkish soldiers it was rumored that bull's blood was mixed into the red wine, as otherwise the strength and firm resistance of the town and castle of Eger could not be explained. (40,000 Turkish soldiers were defeated here by 2,000 townspeople, mostly women) Let that be a lesson. Finally the enemy gave up

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