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Verdi Spumante
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Verdi Spumante

Producer: Verdi
Style: Sparkling
Grape Type: other white varietal
Origin: Italy
Region: Other Italy

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Member Notes

Best tasting Sparkling Wine!
by Riesling716060
I love this wine - it is light, just sweet enough that it doesn't overpower the flavor and not expensive!Karen
This is too good.........
by Casanova14178486
I like this wine, its sweet, sparkling, great flavor and not expensive. Love all the flavors!!
Raspberry Sparkletini
by Lacey13920972
Be sure to try the raspberry variety!
A Great Summer Wine Anytime
by verdi13885204
It's light. It's bubbly. It's fun. It's great for a picnic or a bit of refreshment without all the oneophile babble. Simple open and enjoy. What could be more simple than that! What do they say? Sparkling Italian Fun?
Served it at our wedding...
by Jose-Duvall13781271
I first tried this wonderful champagne a couple of years back while I was eating seafood at a military enlisted club banquet, and have loved it ever since. It goes well with seafood and by itself. My husband and I weren't very experienced with champagnes, so when we went to figure out which to use for our 2009 wedding, it was simple. We bought about 6 cases from the Class Six at Nellis AFB (we had to special order it in) of the large bottles for our reception and it provided for about 300+ guests. Everyone loved it! There were no bottles left. We still hear about how wonderful the champagne was from everyone who attended.
by sanford13420225
I was first inroduced to this product by a fellow customer in a liquor store her words were "it taste like yellow cake" well i didnt think it would taste pleasent since I dont like wine at all. I took it home and drank the whole bottle! I love it... its a light tatse that can compliment any food. Very hard to find in grocery stores here in Ga. However Total Wine seems to have it in stock everytime I go there
Mouth watering.
by Wolfe13449634
I first tried this wine a couple of weeks ago, I smelled it first and it was wonderful, when I tasted it I was hooked.
Verdi - Raspberry
by Sauveur12588201
This tastes great. I have been able to find it in Florida at the Publix supermarkets. It can be hard to find all year round. Maybe it comes out only during the holidays. Buy plenty just in case.
by Winegardner12585291
Very light bodied. Great wine to have anytime!
Raspberry and Peach
by Toner12279147
Love it Love it Love It!!!!! Got my parents and grandparents hooked on it as well. In expensive and great taste. The regular is great but make sure to try the Rasberry and I have now found peach as well. MMMMMMMMMMMM
Verti Raspberry Spumante
by Fields12206055
It was an awesome experience. I was always a fan of Pinot Noir, but since I have been introduced to Verdi Raspberry Spumante, I do not drink anything else. I have been able to find it at most of the Total Wine and More stores. I know the one in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina has it in stock. This drink is GREAT!
The girls loved it!!
by aquino11971581
The boys drank there beer and we drank our "girly bottels" But we ended up having more fun them them.
Excellent for the price
by lougcm2
Better flavor than Martini and Rossi or Tosti Asti for half the price.
Raspberry Sparkletini by VERDI (Italian Spumante)
by Wright11796283
I noticed someone else here has come across this product. It is absolutely my favorite!!! The regular Verdi Spumante product isn't that great in my opinion. I have been unable to locate the Raspberry Sparkletini since my husband and I were on our anniversary trip to Caesars Pocono Resorts in Pennsylvania. If anyone has any ideas on where to get it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE place a message on here and I will come back to check often. DRINK UP if you can find this product!!! CHEERS!!!
by Dukes11380014
I love VERDI Spumante b/c it's inexpensive and very tasty! It's not dry or bitter. It's very bubbly and I used it for my wedding toast. I like it with cake/desserts or on it's own.
Great Christmas Party Favor
by Wine11346740
We bought a case to give as favors for a Christmas party we hosted last year. We put a small keepsake ornament on the bottle neck and everyone has been calling to inquire where we got that great little bottle of wine. We tried to get a couple of large bottles for our wine rack but find they are hard to fine. Great value, great taste.
Excellent, best smooth taste ever!!
by Hart11264406
This is the type of drink you need when entertaining a group, but even better when its just the two of you.
Sweet and Pleasantly Mild
by HOOPS10832109
Wonderful taste at a very reasonable price. The only problem with it is finding retailers that sell it. Everytime I come across some, I purchase all that is in stock.
Nice and Easy
by Lanier10675393
A light, yet flavorful wine. Works well with most foods. Very pleasant alone. Great way to end the day. Great for entertaining.
by Jehlik12133736
AHHH Yes - we honeymooned at Cove Haven in the Poconos. And of course recieved a lovely bottle of Spumante. This was my first introduction to it. and I LOVED it! I did notice it was not a wine but rather a flavored malt beverage. It didn't matter I love the cheesy stuff! Can't find it out on the West Coast. And have tasted other Spumantes (actual wines) and it's not the same
Small Price, Great Taste
by Bradshaw11877380
I had gotten my first bottle from a wedding I attended and fell in love with it. I was never much of a wine drinker, but it's very sweet and doesn't leave that dry taste. I did find a website that sells it (and the raspberry..I saw someone was looking for that)...only problem is that they don't ship to Maryland. This is that website (
This is fun!
by Pellegrino11400280
I love this wine because you can have the flavor of an Asti without the trouble of the whole uncorking process. This bottle has a twist of plastic CORK! Its amazing. I've had a large bottle in the fridge for two months and its just as fresh and bubbly as the first day I opened it. Try the rasberry flavored one! This wine is perfect for a picnic or an outdoor concert that you don't have to worry about remembering to pack the corkscrew. Nothing fancy. No wine tasting skills needed. Its reminds me of Arbor Mist or Canei but has a more formal and impressive presentation and bottle. And the price is right!
by Davis11010104
A very good friend of mine introduced me to "Verdi Spumante" and it has become a favorite at our quaterly Champagne & Chocolate Soiree's!!!
Beware of Gluten!!
by Tempranillo447487
I Was Recently At A Wedding Where This Was Served. It Was Amazing!!! The Only ProbleM Was, I Was Ordering "Champagne" Because I Am A Celiac. The Staff Obviously Was Serving This Without Knowing It Was A Malt Beverage, Because The Entire stafF Knew Of My Allergy And Was Serving This To Me All Night. It Is Marketed As Champagne And It Dangerous To Those Of Use Who Can Clearly Drink Champagne And Wine. Now There Is One More category Of Alcohol Out There I Cannot Safely Order. Everytime I Order A Glass Of Champagme Somewhere, I Now Have To Ask To See The Bottle. I Will Be Writing To The Company. They Need To Label This So Bartenders Will Be Aware. I Always Make It Known To Bartenders And Servers I Have An Allergy. If I Had Seen The label, I Would Have Never Touched It. It Is A Pleasantly Sweet, refreshing Drink Though!
by Clune12897451
If you like a sweeter wine, you will love this one. The only problem is availability. Earlier this year, I was able to purchase it at almost any of the larger wine stores but for the past six to either months, there is none to be found in retail stores.
Spend a little more
by Cason10860660
For the very small price, Verdi is not bad, but an extra $2 will get you Marchesini Spumate. $6 instead of $4 - a much better taste.


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