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NV Louis Bouillot Cremant de Bourgogne Brut
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Excellent taste and price
by Sharp12270378
I read a blurb on this wine about a year ago when researching wines for my wedding. Was interested but forgot about it. I am from D.C.and cannot find this anywhere. Vacationing in FL, I saw this on the shelf and gave it a try. Excellent value and taste. Particularly if you enjoy dry wines. Perfect bruch or anytime sparkler.
Blanc de Blancs & Grande Reserve
by Lucas11797119
Grande Reserve more buttery, liked it a little better than Blanc de Blancs.
I expected a little more sweetness.
by CBrowning777
I am by no means a wine expert and make no claims to be so. I am just getting into wines and am trying to try as many varieties as I can and this one wasn't like I expected it to be. I personally didn't like it and rather have that sweetness with the champagne. Keep in mind I am no expert at all and don't let this review turn you away if you are more knowledgeable than I, and that is most likely the case. I prefer a sweeter drink then most.

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The finest red and white wines of Burgundy set the standard for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. At their best, Burgundy wines are the world's most aromatically complex, silky, and seductive wines, thanks to their ineffable combination of fruits, flowers, minerals, and earth, and their ability to project flavor authority without excess weight. But first-rate Burgundies are produced in limited quantities. Burgundy is a minefield for the...
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The best Chardonnays in the world continue to arrive from the region where the grape first emerged: the chalk, clay, and limestone vineyards of Burgundy and Chablis. While the origins of the grape were disputed for many years, with some speculating that the grape came all the way from the Middle East, DNA researchers at the University of California-Davis proved in 1999 that Chardonnay actually developed...
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