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Ravenswood Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Vintners Blend
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About Ravenswood Winery

Ravenswood Winery has humble origins, beginning in 1976. This was the year Joel Peterson harvested his first crop of Zinfandel. Not from his own vines, however, Joel consistently sourced grapes from vineyards in Sonoma County and Napa Valley. At first it wasn’t by choice, he simply couldn’t afford to buy land. Now, steadfast relationships have delivered a successful formula. As the old saying goes…if it ain’t broke…

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Ravenswood Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Vintners Blend

Producer: Ravenswood Winery
Style: Red Wine
Grape Type: Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: California
Region: Other California

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32 Member Ratings
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by Boyle13953243
Great wine for less than $10. needs to be slightly chilled, mates well with good red meats,enjoyed it.
by Fournier12664602
I'm a snowbird who spents 3 months in Florida every winter and upon my arrival from Canada I make sure to go to Total Wine and get a couple of cases of Ravenswood Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Wintners Blend,and guess what I do impress my friends when I tell 'em the price paid expecting it to be more expensive. It's a good wine worth every penny and I do recommend it.
Great value
by Carper
When it's just you and there's no one to impress, this makes a great everyday drinking expereince. Not so smooth that it's bland but it has a nice finish with good body.
4 stars for a low price but good tasting wine
by Bokar12054519
Ok... comparing to a $20+ bottle of wine, it wouldn't stand out, but for under $10, it's a great wine. I found that serving it slightly chilled (~18C or ~65F) brings out the best in this wine (first bottle I tasted was at a friend's house, and he served it chilled and it wowed me. I bought and didn't chill, and the difference was marked!) - also, aeration certainly helped. Very good for an every day table wine!
by Novicejp
First bottle was actually 2002 - good.
Good but not great
by KJT
The 09 is not much (if any) different from previous vintages since they are into blending, but it is a well made wine: good color,dainty but detectible cabernet nose, as is the initial taste. There is some amount of finish to it but otherwise it is a non-descript but pleasent wine, however, worth the price that Total Wines charges.
Ravenswood Cab
by Chambers12767635
memory? $6.97
Not Bad but Will not buy again
by journey12666187
This wine is ok for dining out but I do not intend t buy it again. I liked it ok and would give it a 6.
3.5 stars
by Big Daddy
I echo the above sentiment for the 2004. It's a great value at $8. Since it was a gift, I didn't know the price until I checked this site. I would have guessed around $12. It's well balanced with good dark fruit and the right amount of oak. I'd probably buy for a party.
price is right
by fisher11811884
very good everyday drinking wine.
Best for the price
by Maes11837945
I don't advocate buying cheap wine, but in a pinch this one is not embarrassing, and makes an excellent table wine. In my opinion all of the Vintner's bends wines by Ravenswood deliver. Others of similar price seem bland by comparison.


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