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Dr. Loosen Dr. L Riesling
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A Great Daily Drinker
by Dixon13311981
My wife and I love this wine. It's a bit sweet but oh, so tasty. We enjoy it every time we open a bottle--which is often!
My personal favorite riesling
by Carter12854146
The perfect balance of sweetness and sharpness. Absolutely a great riesling.
A good one
by Alpizar12766569
I like and prefer red wine... but this one is great, I love it.
by Gill12756813
I first found this at Epcot Center and have loved it since first sip. Sweet white and is a great sipping wine for winding down after a rough work day.
Sweeter Reisling
by Wiley12671357
I've experimented with several Rieslings, and this is the by far is my favorite. It's crisp like Chateau St Michelle, but sweeter.
Great wine
by Kins12182423
If you like a sweet white, you will love this. Excellent fragrance and taste
Fantastic sweet riesling
by saengkrajang12078840
This riesling is great for the person who loves sweet riesling. A bit touch of sweetnees, very light, and very easy going wine. Not too dry. Luv it!!!
Nice introductory wine for the beginner wine drinker!
by AzIrish
Vintage 2009 is well balanced and fairly graceful taste of peach, apple and pear flavors yet an subtle citrus acidity to finish on this wine. Best to drink now than to store it. Serve chilled to 45 to 50 degrees for best flavor. Good to pair with fruit, nuts and cheese.
Great, Especially for the price
by Brown13768077
Very good sweet Riesling with moderately high acidity that cuts the sweetness. One of favorites.
by Eble11944426
peach, apple and pear with a snappy acidity
Getting expensive
by LEE12887539
I've been drinking Dr. Loosen Riesling many years now and think it is a really nice wine, very enjoyable. I was surprised the other day when I went grocery shopping at Wegmans that the price there was $10.99 versus TW's price of $12.99. Later I noticed at Whole Foods it was cheaper there than TW. I have to start checking my favorte wines prices. Sad when I used to be able to depend on TW being the best price.
Dr. Loosen Dr. L Riesling
by JerseyEngineer
Slightly Sweet and Light with flavors of peach and citrus. Great with lighter spicy fare.
My Favorite Riesling
by Mieskolainen11976582
As most burgeoning wine connoisseurs do, I started with white wines, particularly, sweeter Rieslings. If you are looking for a Riesling that is a bit on the sweet side, then your search has ended. This wine features a fresh, lively taste, and is a relative bargain at $8 - $10.
The Dr. is In
by Shatzer12600943
2009 - I got a little bit of mineral and a lot of grapefruit without the acidity. Fairly dry for a Riesling. Not as crisp as I prefer.
Nice wine***
by Benton13515129
This wine needs decanted for 1 to 2 hours.White wine tasting sheet score= 88.7
A slightly sweeter Riesling
by Granara12497791
This quality Riesling is sweeter than most Riesling, but is good if you're pairing with spicy foods. It will help tone down the heat.
by Grill Hoeppel12418343
A little too sweet, a bit syrup-y.
by reynolcm
I wasn't very impressed.


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About Germany

German vintners and Germany's wine law have often been their own worst enemies, and consumers understandably bemoan the unintelligibility of the labels as well as the mediocre quality of so many commercial-grade wines. It is a shame if this situation acts as a barrier to appreciating some of the world's most distinctive and versatile wines.
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The Riesling grape may scare away some wine novices. In Germany, where the grape reaches its finest expression, labels hew to a rigid, abstruse set of classifications, leaving newcomers with little idea what they may be looking at. Furthermore, many wine drinkers' early experiences with sweet wines from Germany (think Blue Nun), have not been especially rewarding. We say that it's your loss if you continue to fear the...
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