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2004 Caymus Vineyards Conundrum California
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About Caymus Vineyards

Family owned and run, Caymus Vineyards produces some of Napa Valley's finest Cabernet Sauvignon. The "Special Selection" and "Napa Valley" bottlings are rich, lavishly oaked wines with bold cassis, black cherry, loam and spice flavors. Winemaker Chuck Wagner oversees the production of 65,000 cases annually at the Rutherford, California winery.

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2004 Caymus Vineyards Conundrum California

Producer: Caymus Vineyards
Style: White Wine
Grape Type: Sauvignon Blanc
Origin: California
Region: Other California

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by Davoli12134712
I just experienced this wine at a restaurant and I was amazed how much flavor was packed in this wine. I am use to dry SBs, but this had the perfect balance, very little sweetness with an explosion of flavor, a floral bouquet if you may.
Excellent blend
by bordeaux10435232
You can really taste the blend of SB and Chardonnay and how it brings the best of both worlds together. For the price (low-mid 20s) it almost can't be beat. Conundrum is almost always a winner and this vintage is no different.
by muscat13564787
Roy's and Truluck's 2006
My first taste since the 1990 vintage
by MacDonald12111802
Dining with friends at the Delano on Collins Ave, I was asked to select a wine. We needed a white. This was the first time I had seen Conundrum on a menu since 1990. It was served with salmon at "Cellar In The Sky", New York city. On this wine carte the 2004 vintage was offered at $60. Not bad especially in this setting. The cap was un-screwed-surprise! The wine was delicious! Everything I thought I remembered about it and more. My friends loved it and complimented me on a selection they never would have made. Thank you Caymus.
by Taddeo11357676
Fruity but not too sweet. More complex than the average SB with a moderately-long finish.
Versatile, Complex White Wine
by ChampagneSipper
You'll never go wrong with this one; proof that blends outshine single varietals
by sac31337
While it is no longer made at Caymus, Conundrum has created quite a cult following in the yuppie crowd. And with good reason as it is very tasty. It is a delicious blend (like most Caymus wines), and always reliable.
A wonderful discovery
by Taylor11894992
Don't let the screw off top fool you. This is a wonderful medium bodied wine that goes great w/ seafood, poultry or simply all by itself. I discovered this wine while on business in Michigan. It was recommended by the waiter as a nice pairing w/ the salmon I ordered for dinner. Much more rich flavor that most whites, but not as fruity. A much better choice over Chardonnay.


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