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Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
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AND great to cook with!
by CabernetSauvignon356225
Incredibly nice affect in our Shrimp Fra Diavolo. Complimented the heat in the recipe, and the dish came out extra buttery rich tasting. We'll never make that dish without it!
FANTASTIC Bottle of Wine
by SauvignonBlanc280240
I was drinking a more expensive sauvignon blanc and happened upon this bottle and have been in love with it ever since! The light citrus and melon tastes are terrific! Just wish it was on the wine menus at restaurants.
by Carignan221802
why is it 9.95 instead of 7.65?
A wonderful white wine
by Beckowski13893297
I'm a big fan of New Zealand white wines, and this one definitely does not disappoint. Although I like to try new things every now and then, I always come back to this bottle when I need to refresh my tastebuds on one of the best from the region.
Great Sauvignon! Maia recommended
by marchy007
Everything you need from Sauvignon: fruity, citrusy, aromatic, low acidity
Everyone is RIGHT!
by Vargas12939397
Best Sauvignon Blanc I have ever tasted and its particularly due to the lush melon and tropical fruit flavors that turn what can be a too citrus, too mineral style of wine into a delight!
Another winner from NZ
by Carroll12551410
Hard to beat for the money
very good
by mattt9998
tropical fruit flavors and a small bite of acidity...I really like it
Love IT!!!!
by Greenberg12164580
Have been serving this wine for over a year now and everyone has raved about it!!! So easy to drink and so inexpensive!!!
Nice table wine
by Mike Ott
Great taste and after taste. Crisp. Great on a hot day. Keep a couple bottles on hand
Exceptional Wine
by Haydock13725606
A truly exceptional wine for the money. Fruity and a great aftertaste.
by New2Wine
My wife and I had this wine last night, and both enjoyed it. This was a very easy drinking wine and very enjoyable.
New SCREW CAP for 2008!!!
by Thumper 12141604
This new SCREW CAPPED 2008 Monkey Bay offering may not be the most impressive NZ Sauv Blanc. However it just may be the most fun one to drink. This is a party in a bottle! Soft, sweet, juicy citrus and mango,,,pairs nicely with most everything as well as a delightful patio sipper. A regular Summer time case buy at our house.
by Vaughan13432828
Deliciously refreshing
by merstar
I've been searching for a good Sauvignon Blanc for a long, long time now, and have never found the right match for me. Well, this was a nice surprise. Very well balanced, lightly fruity, not too sweet and not too tart. It's equally good on its own or with food, and compatible with many of the foods I eat. As an added bonus, the price is surprisingly low. This will be a regular in my house.
NIce performer
by hutchoo
This Sauv-Blanc displays nice fruit without being considered sweet. Good refresher for summer sipping.
by Pettee12654825
Had it for the first time tonight with wild Alaskan halibut. Both wife and I find it very enjoyable. Very light. Nice after taste. We are not wine experts but do drink a variety of wines. Keep in mind that we try to keep our wines under $10. Haven't had a more expensive wine we liked any better.
God Bless Marlborough County!!!!!!!!!
by grenache10665488
Just look at all these reviews on a basic commercial savignon blanc; who woulda thunk it? I can't remember the last time I found one particular wine region change my viewpoint of a varietal as the sav blancs from Marlborough county, New Zealand have. I have bought over twenty different examples from this region, at varying prices, and all but two have been fabulous. I no longer buy california or french sav blancs. Why bother? "Monkey Bay" is not "Kim Crawford", but it brings another dimension to a grape that used to bore me. I too serve it as my house SB and everyone smiles!!!
Great for the price
by Atalante
This wine was so pleasant! It was nice to drink alone, worked well in cooking.
Love it!
by Yurewitch12427737
Easy drinking, crisp and zingy
Great Fruit!
by Wine11796704
NZ has certainly hit the mark with this delicious, fruit forward (grapefruit, mango)SB. I had stopped drinking SB until I discovered Monkey Bay.....
I"m a convert
by squeakbox
I used to hate this wiine... I couldn't get past the cat pee smell. Then, I did, and now I love it.Very spunky and great for hot summer evenings.
One of my favorites
by Androoos
My wife and I love to drink this wine. It is beautifully fruity with a perfect hint of sweetness. The finish is not overpowering nor long. We love to pour this for guests and always get rave reviews. One of the best Marlborough Sauv Blancs, and the price can't be beat. Easily found as well - if I can't make it over to Total Wine, the local grocery carries it (at a slightly higher price, albeit).
Funny name, good wine
by Smith11974371
Just tried it last night - very nice wine for the price. No harsh bite; actually a touch sweet.
just tried!!!
by carella11829199
Nice all purpose white. Using it as our house wine!!!
Good deal for the price
by Shatzer12600943
2009 - There are better Sauv Blancs out there, even at this price point. I noted some pineapple and citrus, but underwhelming acidity.
by May11932874
Nice not as good as Kim Crawford, but prob would buy again at the pricepoint 8.99
V. Good - Fruity Rated 3.5
by Laird12848762
by Bentley12656466
I was wanting my new favorite, Fauna, but didn't have the time or energy to drive all the way down to that store, so I picked up this bottle of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I like this wine. It is lighter than my favorite, and a little more floral. A little sweeter, perhaps. Loads of citrus, but not as much grass. I must like it because there is only about a glassfull left. Enough for an apertif tomorrow after work.


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About New Zealand

New Zealand's ocean-influenced climate--markedly cooler than that of its neighbor Australia--yields wines with admirable fruit intensity and crisp acidity. Fully two-thirds of New Zealand's wine production is white, and more than half of the wine it ships to America is Sauvignon Blanc. The U.S. market has developed a major thirst for these juicy, fresh New Zealand Sauvignons, which are mostly free of oak influence. But New Zealand Pinot Noir, too, is growing...
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For all of its name recognition and reputation for high-quality plantings and bottlings, Sauvignon Blanc has never been represented in lists or discussions of the spectacular wines of the world. But just because wines made from Sauvignon Blanc are rarely crafted for extended cellaring and don't command staggering sums in international auctions doesn't mean that...

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