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Phebus Malbec
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Phebus Malbec

Producer: Phebus
Style: Red Wine
Grape Type: Malbec
Origin: Argentina
Region: Argentina

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35 Member Ratings
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3.77 out of 5 stars
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Member Notes

bang for the buck
by I'll tell you if it's good or not
5 stars for the quality/price ratio
by Cliborn12649258
Well balanced, very enjoyable, may buy a case.
by rapunzel2
we liked it-will try again
Balanced wine
by Erabelli10478877
Medium bodied, semi dry with supple tannins. Malbec wines tend to be serious wines. It is almost a serious one but enjoyable though.
by Walsh12287977
I disagree with the other review-- a light but true Malbec
A great value - light and smooth
by lebelge12345
Very nice Malbec. Definitely a great value and a "regular" buy. Excellent alternative for friends who find Cabernets too robust. Nice year round wine.
Good malbec
by bmorewine
Smooth. Very drinkable bottle for under $10. Will keep in my rotation.
everyday wine
I'm searching for an everday wine. Rodney Strong Merlot certainly does it, but, I've yet to find an alternative. I've tried every cab in the store under $20 and decided I don't like cab anymore without a steak. I've been turned off by every Aussie and South American wine I've tried and wonder how they can score 90+ and be so horrible. This is an everyday wine with no strong, harsh aftertaste, but, smoothe and long lasting. I'll go buy a few more bottles to see if I didn't get the only good one and then may raise to 5 stars at this price range.
by Henry12170588
great QPR!
A Thick, Rich, Chewy Red
by OConnell12689450
Phebus is as advertised, "A big, robust, spicy wine from Argentina's most famous grape variety." This one goes down very smoothly with nary a hint of anything harsh or naughty. Anything you might be able to identify as standing out is cleverly hidden in the blend of flavors all of which you can identify but not brag about. The swish is tasteless but the afterglow is wonderful albeit subdued. By the time you identify what's going on with Phebus, you will be looking around to see who swilled that whole bottle while you were enjoying a few sips. A great re-do and a case of this 9$ a bottle is definitely on my to-do list. Dave -->
by Bored-O
this is a good malbec
We could not believe the price on this wine at tasting!
by BonnieMo
I tried to tell my husband that this wine was inexpensive but he didn't believe it when he tasted the Phebus. So I had to 'Prove' the price was correct.
by CaptD
Good - for Malbec Okay
by BLAUMAN12686182
by Hoover12434044
Good, not great
not bad, not great
by croaswife
It was fine. Nothing that stands out but for $8.99 so what?


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About Argentina

Until the early 1990s, Argentina's wine industry was focused inward, as the local market's thirst was sufficient to absorb the huge quantities of everyday drinking wine produced there. But with per-capita consumption in the domestic market in sharp decline since the mid-1970s, Argentina's wine producers realized that they had to look to export markets to remain in business, and winemaking in Argentina began its transformation.

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The Malbec grape may have originated in southwest France, where it still is grown under the name Cot. However, the grape's international profile has surged not because of what's going on in France, but rather because of current trends in Argentina.
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