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NV Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante
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NV Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante

Producer: Martini & Rossi
Style: Sparkling
Grape Type: Muscat
Origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont

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80 Points | Wine Spectator

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Hmm, Hmm, good!!
by Gibson13961196
This is my favorite asti spumante. Bubbly and sweet, but not too sweet. You will enjoy this if you don't like dry champagne.
Nice little sparkler
by loveswine2348
A friend brought a couple of bottles of this to a weekend party. What a pleasant surprise! I usually go for Moscato d'Asti. A little on the sweeter side, this is also very refreshing. It was a nice way to end the evening, and I like it better than typical champagne, which can be too dry. Great way to celebrate!
Why drink anything else?
by Viera11918992
I'm no wine snob or wine expert, but I've tried a lot of sparking wines, many of them flavorless or not sweet enough. This is by far the best sparkling wine for those who love to drink it on the sweeter side. At $10, I find it totally reasonable and a good bargain. I've tried other Astis that are less expensive or advertised as similar, but nothing comes close. Those are usually too sweet for my liking. Martini & Rossi Asti is always my pick for sparkling wine, hands down. I'm definitely smitten.
Best of the Best for a Night of Romance
by Moro12576516
Nice, Light, Bubbly, Fruity, Flavorful and Full of Spark! Nice for a romantic night. I was proposed marriage by the beach with this champagne and 25 yrs after, We still celebrate our anniversary with it. Best of the Best!!!
Easy-drinking champagne!!
by Scott12553415
First, I am not a big fan of champagne in general. Saying that, this is the most easy-drinking and delicious champagne I have ever tried. I have never had another that comes close.
Crisp and Clear
by Wine12154967
I discovered this wine when I was in college say...20 years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. It is one of the best and I have seen the price of it come down. I've tried to substitute but I always come back to Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante.
Smooth as Silk
by Garbus11029577
I have just started enjoying wines I LOVE this one, smooth, without the bite or bitter after taste. If anyone can offer other wines like this one please email me. This Asti is very easy to drink, very smooth, very soft. I would recommend to anyone!
Sweet and Sensational!!
by Moore10539889
If you are looking for a champagne to have over your dessert, I highly suggest Martini and Rossi's Asti Spumante! It is a perfect sweetness to have after your dinner, or even to have as a drink to celebrate with!! The next best thing is it is inexpensive and almost every where sells it! So go out and enjoy Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante!!
the best so far for this price
by Dinh11584080
This is it.. you would not be wrong if you want to please a whole crowd at the party. I bought 3 cases... everyone enjoyed and pleased of this bottle. I think it's a little too light for the guys only 7.5% alcohol content but would be perfect for women..
Very nice & sparkly
by Martell14001638
A friend gave me a bottle when I graduated law school. I never really cared for sparkly wines but this converted me. Very nice for special events or whenever!
A Good Spumante
by Mills12146663
Really good but Braidenwood is better!
by Wine12393493
This bubbly is a little sweet, but it's crisp and light and tastes good when you add a fruity liqueur.
Girl's Drink
by Dean11517355
Not to bad really. Girlfriend wanted me to get some so I'd figure I'd give it a shot. Thought it was a little to "fruity" myself, but she loves the stuff..
POP! Shake and spray.
by merlot11339434
Majority rules, it is a cheap bubbly. However, Verdi Spumante is cheap too, $4 and it taste the same or better than Asti. You pay extra for the name Martini & Rossi. Splerge a little when you celebrate with a memorable event! $6 more will get you into a crisp full bodied bottle of bubbles like Veuve Cliequot w/the yellow label. Bottom line is when you need to get her happy drunk and want to impress her with a name brand, it's got to be Martini & Rossi. Cheers Baby!
Better than expected
by Crandall10702791
This well known but not well thought of brand now produces a better than expected relatively sweet sparkler. Pretty good.


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Italy, like France, offers a world of wine styles within a single country: dry Italian white wines ranging from lively and minerally to powerful and full-bodied; cheap and cheerful Italian red wines in both a cooler, northern style and a richer, warmer southern style; structured, powerful reds capable of long aging in bottle; sparkling wines; sweet wines and dessert wines.
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One of the more versatile white wine grapes, Muscat is grown around the world for use in use in light and dry wines, low-alcohol sparkling wines, and sweet, late-harvest wines. Its proliferation around the world (and especially around the Mediterranean) leads us to conclude that Muscat was one of the first...
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