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2006 Bugay Vineyards Syrah Estate Sonoma County
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Better! And different!
by Fannin10580945
This is now rich, elegant, plush, smooth and long, and a nice cinnamon/clove spice box has developed. This just gets better and more interesting with time. Love it!
Absolutely fantastic and keeps getting better!
by PAwinelover
The previous reviews that talk about this Bugay Syrah getting better with time are spot on. Rich, smooth, elegant and long finishing. The taste is better than the nose and the nose is AMAZING. Can't say enough about this one. My dilemma is how much longer to ration the remaining 6 nottles from my case. The next time I see Bugay offered on Wine Access, I'll get two cases, not one...
I can't stand it!
by Fannin10580945
Fifteen months ago, I said if it gets better I can't stand it. It's better. Much more elegant than I recall. Just superb with a lamb leg and oven roasted potatoes, carrots and Brussel sprouts. I think this is the best expression of American Syrah I've ever had the privilege of drinking, and maybe better than any northern Rhone - I know, it would be hard to believe. Believe it! It's beautiful! A winemaker friend told me once that if you can't imagine it getting better you should drink it all up. Maybe so, but maybe it will get better. I'll ration mine a while longer.
It keeps getting better
by petchesky11755345
I bought a case expecting to split with a neighbor and they backed out. Now I wish I had more. Case is almost gone. I would not call this old world, but it is perfectly balanced and a great expression of CA syrah. Please bring it back, in any vintage.
Worth The Wait
by JARDIN12700254
Yes, I know. I am supposed to let my wine rest after a long and painful delivery, but I thought, I have 12 so I can try one. Well - what a good decision that was. Wine is round, full-body, but smooth. The remaining 11 may disappear a little more quickly that I thought.
A big fruity Syrah with time to grow
by Que3731
After an hour open the wine was a beautiful fruity and elegantly tannic drinker. give this wine some time in your cellar or, if yu must drink now, decant to enjoy all its nuances
Wonderfully big cab.
by piazza14149947
It's what I look for in a cab...big, full flavor that will get even better after a year of two...if it lasts.
Monster Syrah
by Matlock 14106597
Holy moly batman, this Syrah is a monster! First, let me just say that you could spend a half an hour just taking in the nose on this wine. Its an explosion of black cherry and other mountains berries. It is purple and thick in the glass and then BAM! You taste it and your taste buds say, "what the heck was that and give me some more"! WA, you have delivered the goods on this one. Well done Bugay. I feel like I paid a third of what this wine is worth. That's the value of WA...
Amazing Syrah!
by Fannin10580945
Deep garnet/black. Gorgeous nose full of blackberries and black cherries tinged with a little earthiness and some road tar/creosote. Loads of glycerin and immense on the palate, full of intense black fruits. Extraordinarily smooth and velour like. Long smooth finish - and all this after only five minutes in the glass with no decanting. This is intense with sweet fruit and is much bigger than the '05, which I thought was the epitome of Syrah. At 15 minutes some smokiness emerges along with everything else still going on. An amazing bargain! If it improves with age I don't know if I can stand it. At least 95 points from me.
Seamless Performer
by Pizarro14005221
Reddish-purple hue. Ripe red plum and boysenberry bouquet. Brambly fruit persists braced with new-growth white oak and smokehouse game. A long finish heightened with black vanilla pod, nutmeg, and worn leather. SO balanced throughout - seamless integration all around. Not a fireworks or stunner bottling, but a serious performer, especially at this price point. 90/B
Elegant, subtle, classy
by Johnson13027091
I think the title I gave it says it all. This is not your typical heavy, thick or "in your face" syrah, that is so often found today. There is a time for "bold" and I enjoy "bold" often, but then there are other "times" too. This is one such "other" time.
Balanced but explosive smokey cherry burst.
by Jon Gray
I not saying anything more...
Complex with just a dash of spice
by Stewart13548112
Spicy and yet not overdone. Full of Berry and a touch of tobacco
Strong quality to price ratio - a very enjoyable, easy to drink syrah
by ColverCellars
Very elegant - smooth, rich, nice finish. Very good. Drinkable by itself. Lost a little on the second day. Very good QPR.


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While the grape is currently grown throughout the world, the most elegant Syrahs still come from the Northern Rhone valley, particularly the appellations of Côte Rôtie, Cornas, and Hermitage. Here, steep, terraced vineyards help produce full-bodied, intense, tannic wines loaded with white pepper and red fruit. In the vineyard, Syrah is largely cooperative- vines are productive, but not overly vigorous. Skins are thick, helping the grape...
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