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NV Sokol Blosser Evolution Number 9 Oregon
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About Sokol Blosser

Established in 1971, Sokol Blosser is one of the oldest existing wineries in Oregon. It started as little more than a dream, as newlyweds Bill Blosser and Susan Sokol Blosser packed their trunk and headed to the Dundee Hills to take aim at Pinot Noir. Their journey, four decades long, has been a success story, and has now come full circle, as their kids, Alex and Alison now run the estate.

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NV Sokol Blosser Evolution Number 9 Oregon

Producer: Sokol Blosser
Style: White Wine
Grape Type: other white varietal
Origin: Oregon
Region: Willamette Valley

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86 Points | Wine Spectator

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Member Notes

by RUSSO12114703
I dont like sweet wine but its a fave among everyone i know.
Love it
by Healy13703183
Light with a bit of sweetness. Not dry. As good as Conundrum but less expensive.
Fabulous selection
by Wine11918247
I fell in love with this wine in a restaurant. Where they charge 10.00/glass. I love that I have been able to find it at Total Wine where they have an excellant selection... and a great price. I could drink a bottle every night!
by suesteh
Best white I have ever tried!
by CheersVaBeach
One of my favorite whites! Seems to go great with everything, or all by itself.
Go figure...
by Gander-Damm12585419
Completely drinkable. Pale lemon yellow color, sweet-ish, tangy scent, smooth on the tongue - you get all the flavor up front with just a hint of honey on the finish. Well balanced - a nice find for the price.
Refreshing White - On the Summer List
by Knowlton13605319
Conundrum-like but a bit less-pricey.
Good white for the $
by stringer13455520
I was told this was a "poor mans Conundrum" but I think its better.
On the Money
by wardo
Rivals Conundrum! Great blend of white grapes.
I don't even like whites, but...
by Saladino12679318
This wine is caseworthy. You could keep it around for just about any reason. I found it crisp and refreshing but not dry at all. I liked it.
Love it!
by squeakbox
I love this wine, as has everyone else I've introduced to it. And the fun bottle is a hit! Sadly, the price keeps creeping up, and I don't think the wine is getting better, just maybe more popular? Anyway, fun to share with friends, and YES! Better than Conundrum, esp. for the price (I am OVER conundrum!)
A Fantastic Wine for dining al fresco
by bordeaux12495601
This is my favorite white wine for summer dinners under the stars. It isn't fussy or proper just a great fun wine that goes with good food and good company.
Great Summer Wine
by bondguy1824
Evolution will never go down as one of the great wines of all time. However, if looking for a white wine to have on a summer afternoon in the backyard, this would be it. By the way, if you like Pinot Noir, Sokol Blosser (this winery) produces one of the best Pinot Noirs in the world.
Superb Blend
by Hedgespeth12161183
I just tried this wine tonight. What a lovely blend of flavors!
by Peter 10165007
An excellent choice for just about anybody. An interesting blend reminicent of a Chardonney but with a twist.
Great bet for just about anyone!!
by viknow
Now I know why I loved the Camus Conumdrum so much!! It reminded me of this wine!!! Thanks to the other writer for making that connections! Someday I will have to try them at the same time.
An answer to the puzzle
by Dr Willis
This an excellent summer wine that has an off dry presence. This Conundrum-style blend of who knows how many varietals is exciting and refreshing!
baby conundrum
by evans
a great buy, this is a "baby conundrum" at half the price of the terrific caymus white. fruity, and light, with a hint of effervesence, this is great for an aperitif, or with grilled dinners.
An oddball you'll love to love
by Peter Meyaart
I wasn't sure what to expect when I first tasted this wine. It's a non-vintage blend of six or seven different grape varieties that defies pigeonholing. It is, however, remarkable fresh with pretty floral aromatics. It is off-dry and low in alcohol, but those are two reasons to like it for summer drinking.
by king13468019
A waiter at Aqua Blue actually tried to convince me that this was a Chardonnay. NOT, but it was quite interesting. It starts out more like a Gewertztraminer (not spelled right, I know). It was worth buying, but does not taste like a Chardonnay. I bought a bottle a couple of weeks later at Total Wine and when I researched further, I learned there are 9 grape varietals in this wine, Chardonnay is in there, but way down the list. The kind of wine I'd drink in the spring/summer with food, but never with red sauces.
Easy and Fun Wine!!!
by Stan Hildebrand
Wine is made to be consumed with food, and the kind of foods that we're eating today - lighter foods with more complex flavors - need a wine that parallels that complexity. Evolution is a blend of nine white varietals, including Pinot Gris, Muller Thurgau, White Riesling, Semillon, Muscat Canelli, Gurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Sylvaner. The grapes come together and create a flavor greater than the sum of its parts. Pairings: Wine is made to be consumed with food, and the kind of foods that we're eating today - lighter foods with more complex flavors - need a wine that parallels that Complexity....Anything with spice: Caribbean, Asian, Thai, Tex-Mex.
Its not a Conundrum
by mikedperl
I enjoyed this wine with dinner at a Asian restaurant, and thought it went well with the food. Then we opened the Conundrum and it blew it away! I think this is a nice wine but its worth paying up for the Conundrum