NV Cristalino Cava Brut

NV Cristalino Cava Brut

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I gave this bubbly 5 stars because of the price. That is not to discount the refreshing, clean taste. An excellent buy for the money and is our house champagne (sparkling wine). Yes - there is more expensive with more complexity, but you would be tough pressed to beat this one.


Very smooth nice Brut. Like this better than many that are many times the price!

Best value sparkling

Simply outstanding for the price. Try some today.

Excellent wedding reception sparkler

We served this at our October 2007 wedding, and darn! just happened to have several bottles left! It seems I bought too many - wonder how that happened? ;-) Its unusual dark red color and delicious crisp taste paired well with our chocolate wedding cake and really stood out from the traditional champagne toast.

A very wonderful bottle

I was introduced to Cristalino by my girlfriends parents two years ago in Connecticut. This bottle is of very great quality and could easily compare it to a 30-40 dollar bottle. Very excellent non-french champagne. Good with bre and grapes.

i always have some in the fridge

first read about this years ago in a nyt review of a blind taste test with 4 experts and a wide range of bottles - cristalino was top rated! well worth the $8-9, very drinkable, bubbly but not too bubbly, simple flavor goes with most any type of food.

Best value for a mimosa!

You can't miss having this on hand for a mimosa or several! I wouldn't recommend for drinking straight out of the bottle... unless well into a wedding reception or other reception... then it is yet another best buy.

A great aperitif!

This is great inexpensive cava--a great drink before a meal--it opens the pallette and gets you ready for good food. I have begun to keep a bottle chilled so that I have something to look forward to when I get home from work!

nice everyday sparkler

This cava is a nice everyday wine that lends a festive feel any time. I like it with dishes like scampi or sushi. It is a refreshing quaff after a steamy North Carolina summer afternoon!

Great value in bubbly

Just served as a toast at our wedding. Excellent value.

Great Value!!

This sparkling wine is awesome for the price. Crisp and fruity with a good finish. Makes me want to drink it everyday!

Great bubbly for the buck!

I'm a champagne nut and prefer it to most any other libation...have had all the high end brands, but for general weekend, open a bottle just for me, this is a great bargain. Also nice for a party if you are serving lots of partygoers!!

A dream come true....for the price.

This sparkler is downright awesome for the price! Not great, but not bad either. If you drink bubbles as much as I do, you've got to cut corners somewhere. I am happy to call this our house sparkler and we enjoy it at least 5 nights a week, but save the great stuff for Saturday and Sunday.

Sparking White

Great for the price!!

Value for money

I've been drinking this since reading about it in the Wall Street Journal a few years back. I get a lemon, zesty taste with some vanilla. I think it's a terrific value for the money and have tested it out with a number of friends who also think so. Would I serve it to the Queen? Probably not, but then she doesn't visit all that often.

Nice bubbly

No vintage - I'm not a big fan of sparklers, but this was definitely above average. White peach and citrus flavor with a lemon finish.

Great sparkler for a daily drinker

This is a perfect everyday brut champagne. No need to wait for a spacial occasion as it has a nice flavor, nice bubbles, and a nice price.

Good Value

At this price you can not go wrong with this Cava. keep it as a house wine for light dishes and for sipping on a hot afternoon.

like a very dry champagne - big bang for the buck


I find this to be just awful, yet it gets consistent great reviews for being a good value sparkler. For a couple bucks more, I really like Lorikeet (Australian)

Tanzer was Bribed

Low end sparkler, best when mixed with a fruit desert wine such as rasberry or cranberry. On it's own it's simply a poor sparkling substistute fit only for something at work. Yuck!

weasel urine

still can't get the taste out


cava should only be used to wash the car and I would not use this one on a car with a new paint job.

Where is the sparkle?

Is it because I bought the 375 ml bottle that this stuff has no bubbles, no sparkle? Bought 3 bottles; opened the first, no "pop" and tasted flat. Opened the second, same thing. Maybe just a bad batch, or is some sparkling wine not so sparkling?

you get what you pay for

nice color, no nose, good sparkle, but absolutely no taste

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