Vv Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge

Vv Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge

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Great table wine

This is a delightful table/dinner wine. On quality alone I give it four and a half stars but at the price of about $6.50, it is a five star wine to me.

A French winner!

Great wine for this price. Well balanced and easy to drink.

Very Nice Every Day Red

We've bought a couple cases of this great-for-the-price wine over the past three years. Goes well with fish, fowl or red meat. My wife & I have gone through a couple bottles a week this summer and found it to fit well with anything I ws grilling. Don't let the price scare you ... it's a good value.

Great Wine at Great Price

This is a great RED to have daily. It's smooth and tasteful wine at a price that can't be beat

A great buy!

I have two very simple rules when it comes to buying wines – Rule #1- you don’t have to spend more than $10 for a bottle of wine; and Rule #2- there is no Rule #2. I have enjoyed this wine for many years and at $6.99 a bottle it’s a real treat. Very consistent from year to year. IMHO-compares favorably to reds costing $20.

great for the price

have always loved this as my everyday red table wine; more sophistication than almost anything else at this price....friends have always said "wow you shouldn't have spent that much on wine for all of us." The best? no. the best at this price? yes.

Unbelievable pick for under $10

Very nice Bordeaux wine especially for $7...very nice nose, cherry color with slight hint of purplish hues. A little dry but not overly so. Smooth finish. I was lucky as I got the last bottle in store at the time. I must remember to buy a half case or a case next time!

Good Bordeaux for the money

Letting this wine breath and pairing this (2004) with a New York cut steak went well. For a Bordeux under $10, this wine met and exceeded our expectations.

Vey Good

Not bad for the price.

Very good wine at an extremely good price.

This is possibly the best bargain in the wine world. Ignore those who dismiss this wine as a simple quaffer, only fit to be served with hamburgers and barbeque. This wine has a bit of depth and complexity, more than you'll find in any other red at this price.

Good but not great,

Dry, Medium body, long finish. No rebuy on this one

My Table Wine

There's Fine Wine and Cheap Wine - this is neither. Instead, it is a nice, relaxing red.

A Great Everyday Wine

This is a great everyday wine especially for the price.

Not bad

Not a bad pick overall, subtle and drinkable. Not a great Bordeaux. But, for the money, its good to go.

Nothing Special

2007 - An average Right Bank Bordeaux, 65% Merlot / 20 Cabernet Sauvignon / 15 Cabernet Franc. Tastes of chocolate and bing cherry with a hint of tobacco. Fairly dry.

Not worth the price

My fiance' and I bought a 2003 bottle and it was smooth at first but then very acidic. We were dissapointed. It has been in our wine fridge for a couple of weeks and we will probably use it for cooking if that gives you any idea. Perhaps, 2003 was not a good year for this wine but a previous review was listed for a 2001 bottle of wine with a simillar review. Try it and you decide.

French Yellow Tail equivalent

this wine is on the inferior side, for a inventory that Don over sees. Better to drink other non-negotiant Bordeauxs.

Near Awful

I won't say it's completely bad since there's nothing really wrong with the structure per se. It's just a monotonous table wine. For $8 I can by a Trapiche Malbec that is WAY better.

nothing to write home about

For the price, there are no huge complaints, but that being said, I thought the 2001 was very green, the acidity was very harsh, it lacked the tannin I would have expected from a Bordeaux, and it had an overdeveloped nose of cheap eucalyptus mint. The fruit is fairly well developed, but the acidity steals it away on the palate. Its not a horrible wine, but there are better ones out there (admittedly not in Bordeaux) even at this cheap price.

Although you probably can't find another Bordeaux for the price, drinking this because it's "Bordeaux" is like buying the hood ornament off of a Mercedes and standing behind it making a "vroom" noise. This is simply cheap Bordeaux and it shows. For the price you can get far more enjoyable wines from the Loire, southern France, etc.

Ch bois Redon is better

For a dollar or two more you can have a REAL bordeaux, estate bottled, this is a basic wine, nothing great at all, try the wine in my subject line, 200% better IMO


The taste matches the price. Use it for cooking might be ok.

Nothing like Bordeaux

It's not surprising to have taste below my expectation for bordeaux compared to the price.

pending review

year =2004

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