Vv Nobilo Wines Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Vv Nobilo Wines Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

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Customer Ratings

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Love Love Love it!!

This is my new favorite summer wine. Very crisp, and a nice tang without an overwhelming puckery feeling. I now prefer this over Monkey Bay!

I must be in the south pacific

From the first pouring into a glass to the last sip of the bottle this wine does not disappoint. I found the tropical fruit overtone to be wonderful and so freshing on a warm spring evening with some goat cheese. Everything about it said "South Pacific"

This will be our little secret

You should avoid this wine at all cost which will leave more for me. This is a definite case purchase. Crisp, tart apple, fresh, the adjectives just continue. A huge nose even when firmly chilled. Wonderful greenish hue. This should be your summer selection for most seafood dishes (grilled fish perhaps?). Wonderfully smooth and refreshing, this is an excellent entertainment selection. But keep it a secret, please.

good price, good taste

I first tried this at a restaurant and loved it. It doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth and it goes down smooth. I am a frequent buyer of this wine and the price is excellent.

Summer Great

This wine is really good, a delight to sit and enjoy with friends.

at back inn cafe value wines

good s/b for the ? buy 2 06 is not near as good as 04!!!

simply delightful!

I'm no professional, but this is one of the best wines I've ever tasted. My New Zealand Brother-in-law recommended it and I'm so glad. I didn't realize wines from New Zealand are so tasty and I'm looking forward to trying others if they're as good as this one.


A lot of wine for the price. Better than any West Coast SB- not a pretender but a real contender! Just a neat, light wine for those of us who aren't wine snobs. By far the best inexpensive SB from down under.

grapefruit & pineapple

Just what I want from a New World Sauv Blanc- a nice citric crispness balanced w/ great fruit, and at a high tension level!

Might not be a "classic SB", but it's still a 5

This is an outstanding wine that deserves at very least a 4...When you take price into consideration it's a definite 5...It isn't a "classic SB", but who cares, it has a 5 star aroma and taste no matter what a standard SB is supposed to tast like.

Good value

One of our favorites

LOVE this wine!

I love this wine. Delightfully fruity and light - like many reviewers have already said, it's an excellent warm weather wine, though I think it wouldn't take to much convincing to get me to open a bottle any time of the year!

Happy Little Sipper!

This is a light crisp easy drinking slightly tart lawn party sipper. True NZ varietal Sauv Blanc with a sassy touch of minerality. Good with white fish and light fare too. A regular repeat buy in our house.

Snappy, lemony Sauvingnon Blanc

I believe this wine makes a perfect aperitif, but it's also pretty nice for a picnic. The bouquet has something exotic about it...gooseberry or passion fruit? Then it fairly explodes on your tongue with lots of nice citrus flavors. Very refreshing. Great for the money.

Crisp, light and citrusy

A light in color, lite to medium bodied SB. A nose of grapefruit and other citrus. It has a wonderful taste up front..so clean, almost grassy. I can taste some sort of melon afterwards. I prefer it really cold, and it pairs beautifully with scallops.

Great Sauv-Blanc

This is one of the finest beverages you will ever consume. Great on it's own, or with your favorite food. Nice price for what you get too.

a little body

This is a little heavier than most Marlborough SB, almost moving toward chardonnay. Good for just sipping by itself. Worth a try

Light with just a hint of grapefruit

Perfect summer wine

Light, crisp, fruity, clean. Very easy to drink.


This wine is a full, sweeter but smooth wine! Easy drinking and really great in the summer months in FLorida! Cheap and tasty!

NZ Savignon Blancs

We like this wine a lot. Especially the value.

Light and Pleasant

The merchant's review is on the mark - not always the case - observing that this is a 'soft' and 'off dry' white. Slightly sweet but not oaked, thank goodness. My personal preference is for a very dry, spartan Sauvignon blanc - Sancerre or, for value, South African.

Very Tasty

A great summer wine, best with seafood or chicken. A slight hint of grapefruit accentuates the smooth, fruity finish. Best plan on finishing the bottle if you open it.

Very pleasant anyway

Am inclined to agree with novicejp and zdime that someone expecting a classic sauvignon blanc might be put off by its sweet touch and fruitiness, but I enjoyed it very much.

Amazing white!

I never thought I could give 4+ stars to a white let alone a SB. This New Zealand white is tip top. Probably could rate a 5 but I am stingy

Good seafood/summer wine

Very good wine. Only peeve I have is the quality of the cork--I had one glass and upon opening for the 2nd glass, the cork split. Other than that, I had this wine with my renowned homemade crab cakes and--deeelicious. Very citrusy flavor. I can definitely taste a grapefruity flavor to it. Unfortuneately, I had to finish the whole bottle since cork split. I plan on stocking up on this one so I have plenty on hand for the summer season!

Very good

Stock up on this one.

Easy drinking, great with Caribbean-style food, grilled meats with citrus-based marinades, or just on its own.

Lots of green flavors

This wine had great aroma and very nice color. The flavor was quite tart with a spicy green flavor evident. I liked it very much and it would be a great match for food that needs a wine with a zing!

Great for the money

One of the better since the price of the Kim Crawford went up. Lots of grapefruit, great summery wine.

Not a classic S.B.?

..well, of course it's not (ref. some reviews below). I'm not an expert; however, since this is a "new world" S.B., it is very different from what I would call a "classic - old world" S.B. As long as folks realize there is a difference, they won't be dissapointed by this new world winner.

Wonderful afternoon wine

This wine is a great value. Light, crisp, fruity - perfect for an afternoon cocktail in the hot sun with or without food.

It's our "house white" and our wedding wine!!!

We experiment with whites all the time and keep coming back to Nobilo. It's a great host/hostess gift and we've chosen this one to serve at our wedding celebration.


Subtle fruit, subtle grassy, subtle herbs but overall not bad for the price. Subtle shades of the ICON series.

Loved it!

Served it with friends for halloween dinner. They all loved it. Even better if well-chilled.

I totally agree with Novicejp

This Sav Blanc is not what it's being cracked up to be. Not nearly lean and wirey enough and way too fat, sweet and fruity to qualify as a classic SB.

2008 got worse

I loved this one and the 2007 was nice. The new 2008 is only average.

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