Vv Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon

Vv Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon

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Customer Ratings

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Can't belief this is under $10....

We've been keeping a diary and rating wines for years, (mostly under $10) and this one got ********* across the top of the page. We couldn't remember where we'd purchased it (we usually mark price and purchase location on the label for reference) so I looked it up on the Total Wine website...and couldn't believe the price! This is a "best in class" wine-- one of my favorites. Lighter and fruitier than a typical Cab, however, for those classic Cab fans out there. We served it with an herb rubbed pork loin and it was PERFECT! Flavors couldn't have complimented each other any better. Enjoy!

Heartily recommended

Do not let the fact that this wine is from Washington state throw you. It is absolutely delicious! Good finish, good cab characteristics, also easily available.

This is my FAVORITE wine!

I use it just as much as a daily wine as a special occasion wine. Its complex and keeps giving which is shocking at this pricepoint.

A wonderful find!

Salivating nose, nearly perfect balance, wondrous after-pallete. As another reviewer has written, discard the fact that this comes from Washington. As it sits on your tongue, it will scream $80 Cali. This wine seems to adore any red-sauced food, from Ziti Pasta to Pizza. Why this is sold for sub-$10 is simply beyond me, but enjoy the find ;-)

Red Diamond Cab 2005

Great taste, finish and price

very good

'nuff said. no technical details from me.


This wine was the hit of the WTC (Wine Tasters Club) on Saturday, November 7, 2009. You might be thinking how an inexpensive wine can taste so good. Well, it does! Lots of ripe fruit and vanilla. Velvety long finish. I will buy this again.

good value

This wine is a bargain, fullbodied and very rich.Another example that shows you don't have to pay $30 for a good bottle of wine. This is what makes shopping for wine so much fun. Finding the hidden gems.

Can't beat the price

What a great buy for under $10. I will for sure be stocking up on Red Diamond wines.

Really nice

This wine is definitely pleasing. Great tasting and complex. Everyone should try this one.

just for the lady

Very mellow, clean taste. The color is not as clean as some of the others. Has slight brownish tinge. The after-taste does not last long enough, which is good because there was some unpleasant tone in it. Light weight wine. Their (Red Diamond's) Merlot is MUCH BETTER. Three and half stars.

A winner

This light cab from Washington is a real crowd pleaser... lots of enticing aromas that answer well on the palate with cherries and vanilla... tasty and light and one hell of a bargain.

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