2011 Chateau Turcaud Entre Deux Mers Blanc

2011 Chateau Turcaud Entre Deux Mers Blanc

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Soft white Bordeaux

This was a very pleasing wine which we drank with a creamy fish dish. It is a good talking wine as well as accompaniment with food. Soft mouthfeel, citrus, lemon curd. A fantastic find I ordered from New Jersey and paid the freight. Can't go wrong for the price

good stuff

Pour it from a cold bottle, let it warm up a bit, and it becomes the best Entre Deux Mers that we've ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Bought a case and ordered 2 more

A great tasting white wine. No harshness, goes well with anything, all with a wonderful sense of apples and pears. We all preferred it a room temperature instead of chilled. We are primarily red drinkers, but blasted through the first case in about 6 weeks. I just ordered two more cases. Bottom line - great value, great taste

As advwetised

See above


I love this little wine. I am usually a red drinker but bought this for a party. Found out I really liked it. Wish I could get some more but shipping from New Jersey is $50. Liked it so much I did pay the $50 shipping once but will try to find it somewhere a little closer when I run out.

Bordeaux White-Palate Challenge

Few can really know how good this wine is at the price offered. From that standpoint it is exceptional. There are a few white Bordeaux wines only mildly superior at $100 and higher per bottle. They are not as honeyed and when bottled slightly more acidic. I prefer the Turcaud honeyed and peach pit minerality to that of the noblesse oblige Bordeaux whites which are often vulgar on the back of the palate because of the PH variation which may be unpredicatble. This Turcaud may have legs, but I wouldn't invest. They make alot of it.

Crisp and refreshing taste; very good wine

Very Versatile Bordeaux Blanc

This is really good. Fresh and light enough for summer sipping on its own, but rich enough for foods ranging from fish to baked chicken. An excellent value too.

Pleasing white

A very nice surprise. We served it at a late afternoon reception and it went well with a variety of foods. Our guests were quite pleased with the medium acidity and crispness. Well priced!

Very good effort for this little appellation



Very nice for a wine at this price. Crisp, but not flinty, nice pear on initial taste.

Deux Mers Blanc, great value

I was very pleased with the flavor, crispness, and body of this savignon blanc. It was very well balanced with a finish that leaves you wanting more. This wine in not overly acidic as many others in the class, which makes it stand out well above the others. Terrific value.

Crisp yet smoother than most!

Very enjoyable with salad and seafood combinations as well as lite pasta dishes!

Not just a good value but a good wine

I bought a single bottle of this as an add-on and frankly wasn't expecting much considering the price. I thought this bottle might suit those occasional guests who are not regular wine drinkers (as much as I love those folks I don't want to waste the good stuff on them). This wine is very well-balanced without any harshness and goes well with or without food. Wish I had bought more.

not a great wine but a wonderful glass of light fresh wine. It is a nice

summer drik and reminds me f trips to the southwest of france.

A good white

A step up from house wine. Light body, some complexity - pear and apple show with just a touch of honey. A bit of acid bite. It holds up to food well. The 2012 is a bit more enjoyable.

Bland white

Little character, light, neither sweet nor dry, disappointing

A two-bottle test

This wine was purchased as a two-bottle "top off" on a shipment of two other cases I had ordered from WineAccess. The first bottle I tried was pleasant, smooth, mildly citrusy, and went well with food. It was very "drinkable" but unexceptional to my taste. There can be a fine line between "smooth" and bland, and other reviews have landed on the other side of that line. I can understand their point of view. The second bottle was opened, and consumed it over several days. Others have commented that it fades fast. I would tend to agree. When all is said and done, for what it cost ($13/bottle) I have found whites, and even Sauvignon Blanc-Semillion blends locally produced in California that to my taste offered a better experience and value. I appreciated the opportunity to taste this wine, but when the 2012 vintage became available a week or two ago, at about the same price, I did not push the buy button. This is one I will pass on. Although the Domaine de la Potine offered by WineAccess is not a blend, and instead all Sauvignon Blanc, I found the 2011 vintage of that wine to be much more interesting, and even though slightly more expensive, a better overall value.

Everyday Wine, Best with Food

Bright citrus aroma, but fades quickly. Good balance, with a light body and minerality needed to compliment fish. Not complex. Even at $15, it is just OK for value.

Other Vintages of Chateau Turcaud Entre Deux Mers Blanc

Bordeaux 2011

2011 Bordeaux — Winemakers Get a Wake Up Call

When discussing the 2011 vintage, “heterogeneous” is a word that crops up more often than winemakers would like. Between the weather and the resulting wines, there was very little consistency.

Winter was cold and dry, ideal for the vines, and spring was early and hot. Vineyards were ahead of schedule from the get-go. April was the second warmest in Bordeaux since 1900, and the high temperatures continued throughout spring — heat spikes in June even caused some sunburn and stress on the grapes. As the summer began, vineyards were still well ahead of schedule. Except for the lack of water in the soils and some stress from the heat, the season looked promising. In July, though, temperatures shifted, and cool, overcast weather swept in. What began as one of the warmest springs in almost 60 years was replaced by one of the coldest Julys in 30 years. The roller coaster didn’t stop though; August was wet and fall-like, while September reverted back to warm, summer-like conditions. Veraison was well ahead of schedule, and it became crucial to remove unevenly ripe bunches, mainly caused by the drought and stress of the June heat spikes and chilly July.

The 2011 harvest was one of the earliest on record—whites grapes began on August 17th and reds on September 5th. It was a particularly prolonged harvest for the reds, which finished between late September and early October.

Dry white wines are very good, and Sauternes and Barsac are potentially great. The reds are indeed heterogeneous — as variable as the weather was. Though they are far from bad, many wines lack the depth and concentration of the two preceding powerhouse vintages. Tannins are better than average, but alcohols are generally lower. These are not the vins de garde of a classic year.

Key Dates

Bud-break is two weeks early

First flowers appear

Mid-flowering date, 15 days ahead of average

Temperatures of 104℉ stress the vines

Coldest on record for over 30 years


Nearly autumnal, wetter than average conditions

White grape harvest begins, about 2 weeks earlier than average

Weather is dry and summery

Merlot harvest begins

Cabernet harvest begins

Harvest is complete

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